Learn About Article Submission To Make Money

Learn About Article Submission To Make Money

In today’s internet age an​ important aspect of​ any online business is​ having your website optimized for search engine rankings. There are many different aspects of​ building a​ website that helps them being found and ranked by the​ different engines and while each one is​ different,​ there are a​ few common traits that all search engines look for.

In the​ past,​ some companies attempted to​ trick the​ search engine spiders into believing they were offering legitimate information but it​ did not take long for the​ spiders to​ become wise to​ tricks being used. When people typed in​ key words into a​ search box,​ they expected to​ find information relevant to​ those words. What they were finding were web pages loaded with information on​ several terms,​ totally unrelated to​ the​ search criteria. This was due,​ in​ part,​ because some sites held nothing but a​ series of​ keywords and when accessed automatically redirected the​ searcher to​ another page.

Today spiders look for text content that is​ on​ target to​ the​ information being sought. Many freelance writers have found a​ niche market in​ writing articles pertaining to​ web site information the​ can submit to​ web builders for inclusion on​ their web pages. This information is​ interpreted by the​ search engine spiders as​ valid text and improves the​ site’s ranking on​ the​ engines.

Many people are finding out about article submission and are accumulating original articles on​ a​ variety of​ subjects for potential sale to​ web builders. Typically,​ they can sell quality text at​ between two and three dollars for articles ranging from 250 to​ 500 words. Key words or​ phrases appear within the​ contest of​ the​ informative articles between one and three percent of​ the​ word total,​ which helps raise the​ page’s awareness level to​ the​ spiders doing the​ searching.

Most writers will do this type of​ work on​ a​ part-time basis,​ knowing at​ the​ rate of​ pay offered for their article submissions will not make them rich,​ but it​ can keep their writing skills sharp and their typing skills honed.

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