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This year,​ I​ have decided that I​ need a​ laptop for Christmas .​
Because I​ write for a​ living,​ I​ spend a​ lot of​ time on​ our family PC,​ and it​ leaves little time for anyone else to​ use it .​
I​ want to​ get a​ laptop so that I​ can do my work and my husband and my daughter can still have time to​ do whatever they want or​ need to​ do on​ the​ PC .​
We may even ditch this PC and get one of​ the​ latest computers for our family to​ use .​
This will depend on​ the​ budget though,​ and whether we​ can afford both remains to​ be seen.
The problem with going out and getting the​ latest computers is​ that they seem to​ be old the​ moment you leave the​ store with them .​
I​ have seen that Microsoft will be releasing Vista as​ a​ new operating system,​ and they’ll do it​ just a​ month after I​ will be buying my computer .​
So even though I​ will be getting one of​ the​ latest computers for Christmas this year,​ the​ operating system will be old within the​ matter of​ a​ month .​

Perhaps this is​ something that Microsoft has done on​ purpose,​ though I​ can’t be sure .​
December is​ a​ big time to​ sell the​ latest computers,​ as​ many people like to​ get them for presents .​
By releasing the​ new operating system the​ next month,​ which means everyone who got one of​ the​ latest computers in​ December will have to​ go out and buy the​ upgrade if​ they really want it .​
I’m not sure what I​ am going to​ do,​ and perhaps I​ am hoping that the​ latest computers will already have it,​ and the​ release they are talking about is​ for the​ separate purchase and not on​ all new models sold .​
I​ know some people can already get it.
No matter what operating system you get,​ be smart when you are looking at​ the​ latest computers .​
They have come down in​ price,​ and you will get what you pay for .​
If you can go somewhere like Best Buy and compare all of​ the​ latest computers for price,​ features and special options,​ you should make sure you do so .​
Just because you see something at​ a​ deep discount does not mean you are going to​ get a​ quality item .​
The latest computers all come with different things,​ and you are going to​ be happier with what you got if​ you give yourself the​ time to​ find the​ perfect one for you and your needs.

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