Laminate Wood Flooring And The Benefits Over Traditional Wood Ceramic Tile

Laminate wood flooring is​ a​ great option​ to​ typical hardwood floors and​ ceramic tile. One great characteristic about laminate flooring is​ that it​ is​ scratch resistant and​ more durable than real wood while providing a​ similar look to​ real wood.

Due to​ the ease of​ installation, laminate wood flooring can be installed without the use of​ a​ contractor. this​ means that you​ save a​ pretty penny on​ installation​ fees since you​ can easily do it​ yourself.

Laminate wood flooring comes in​ a​ variety of​ different colors and​ textures, mainly in​ the range of​ yellows, reds, and​ browns.

Laminate wood flooring also comes in​ a​ variety of​ prices. this​ of​ course, depends on​ many factors such as​ color and​ texture. However, if​ you​ are looking to​ buy in​ bulk you​ can save money., for​ instance, offers a​ number of​ high-end laminate wood floor brands at​ different prices. Prices can vary in​ laminate wood flooring. a​ large portion​ of​ laminate flooring can range anywhere from about $0.80 to​ around $1.60.

Lead time is​ one factor you​ do need to​ consider aside from price when purchasing wood laminate flooring. you​ could see backorder times ranging anywhere from 1-8 weeks depending on​ quantity and​ the style you​ choose. if​ you​ desperately need to​ refloor parts of​ your​ house for​ an​ upcoming event, you​ may be able to​ arrange something with the seller.

if​ time is​ not a​ factor for​ you, you​ may consider having the shipper ship the laminate flooring with the cheapest (slowest) shipping method. Due to​ the size and​ weight of​ laminate flooring, your​ shipping prices will not exactly be cheap. in​ order to​ save some money on​ shipping costs, you​ may find yourself waiting several weeks for​ delivery. However, you​ can save up to​ 50% by scheduling a​ slower delivery time. Be sure to​ check with the seller before making any purchase in​ order to​ find out what option​ is​ right for​ you.

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