Know The Benefits And The Disadvantages Of Taking Birth Control Pills

Know The Benefits And The Disadvantages Of Taking Birth Control Pills

Today, sexually active young and​ adult women have wide variations of​ birth control options to​ choose from. Among the most popular contraceptive options are the barrier methods, the hormonal methods, the natural family planning, and​ sterilization.

in​ the various birth control methods developed for​ females, majority of​ them prefer to​ use birth control pills, for​ these are highly noted for​ their efficiency, usage convenience, and​ affordability. Aside from the pills' effectiveness in​ preventing unwanted pregnancies, oral contraceptives also provide other health benefits to​ users, thus, making them one of​ the most in-demand​ forms of​ birth control methods in​ the market.

Despite the safety claims of​ birth control pill, this​ type of​ oral contraception​ also has some risks and​ complications with regard to​ the intake. Since oral contraceptions require prescription​ from health practitioners or​ gynecologists, it​ is​ a​ must for​ sexually active women to​ know the benefits and​ disadvantages of​ taking pills before deciding to​ use them.

Below is​ list of​ the benefits and​ disadvantages of​ each type of​ birth control pill:

1. Progestin-only pill or​ POP


a. this​ pill can lessen or​ relieve menstrual pain​ and​ cramps.

b. this​ pill can avoid or​ decrease blood loss during the menstrual cycle.

c. this​ pill is​ highly recommended for​ women who just delivered their babies for​ breast-feeding.

d. it​ is​ easy to​ discontinue the intake.


a. this​ pill requires a​ strict intake schedule.

b. this​ pill causes irregular bleeding cycle.

c. this​ pill is​ less effective than the combination​ types of​ oral contraceptive.

d. this​ pill does not protect the user from STDs.

2. Combination​ pill


a. this​ pill lessens cramps, pain, and​ menstrual blood loss.

b. this​ pill lessens the user's susceptibility to​ cancer, ovarian cysts, and​ topical pregnancy.

c. this​ pill lessens the user's premenstrual symptoms.

d. this​ pill regularizes a​ woman's menstrual cycle.

e. this​ pill can treat the physical and​ emotional symptoms of​ premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

f. this​ pill has positive effects on​ cholesterol.

g. this​ pill helps improve acne condition.


a. this​ pill may cause hypertension.

b. this​ pill may cause spotting, nausea, and​ vomiting.

c. this​ pill may help in​ the formation​ of​ liver tumors and​ gallstones.

3. Emergency birth control pill


a. this​ pill prevents conception​ even after a​ few days of​ unprotected sexual intercourse.

b. this​ pill is​ widely available.

c. this​ pill is​ a​ convenient alternative birth control in​ case other contraception​ forms failed.


a. this​ pill may pose difficulty in​ usage timing. in​ this​ type of​ oral contraception, one should take the first pack within​ a​ specific number of​ hours after engaging in​ an​ unprotected sexual intercourse.

b. this​ pill may cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, vomiting, as​ well as​ nausea.

c. this​ pill may cause bleeding.

d. this​ pill may cause breast soreness and​ abdominal pain.

Women should know the above mentioned benefits and​ disadvantages of​ the three types of​ oral contraceptives (even if​ health practitioners or​ doctors will most likely discuss them during consultation), for​ these info will help them decide if​ birth control pills are suitable for​ their health condition​ and​ lifestyle.

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