Kitchen Counter Weight Respect The Hardest Working Surface In Your House

It's a​ place to​ put your red hot pots and pans. It's where gallons of​ messy foods and discoloring liquids are spilled each year,​ where the​ sink overflows and where you cut the​ vegetables when you can't find a​ cutting board. the​ kitchen counter is​ where cans land when they fall out of​ the​ cupboard. It's where you stand to​ get things off the​ high shelf. it​ has to​ be tough.

The counter is​ the​ main surface in​ the​ most visited room in​ the​ home. It's where the​ guests always end up. It's a​ place to​ put your drink during the​ kitchen party. It's where the​ food gets laid out for the​ buffet. It's where your new friend stirs sugar into their coffee. it​ has to​ look good.

The kitchen counter is​ also the​ place where you sweat the​ most. It's where you're dealing with hunger,​ dishes and groceries all at​ the​ same time. Food's coming in​ and food's going out while the​ garbage piles up. You're home from work to​ feed the​ family and hoping you can spend some time together before you all drop off to​ sleep. it​ has to​ be easy.

Fortunately there are a​ number of​ countertops that are tough,​ good-looking and easy. None of​ them are perfect but some will suit you better than others,​ so before you agree to​ the​ first thing that catches your eye,​ shop around a​ little. Your kitchen counter is​ the​ hardest working surface in​ the​ house and it​ deserves respect.

Here's a​ quick run down of​ the​ main players in​ today's wide world of​ countertops. All of​ them have proven themselves to​ be durable but sadly,​ nothing lasts forever. Chips,​ cracks and stains will happen,​ so weigh your lifestyle needs against your budget and personal style to​ find the​ one that will fit your kitchen.

1. Granite - This is​ the​ new darling of​ the​ kitchen reno. Granite is​ a​ natural solid stone countertop that can be had in​ a​ selection of​ colors. Extremely durable and nice to​ look at,​ granite is​ also heat and waterproof. Cons: it​ resists stains and scratches but not entirely. Seams are visible. Granite can be high maintenance and has to​ be resealed every year. Imported and expensive.

2. Quartz - Beautiful quartz countertops offer many of​ the​ same benefits as​ granite,​ but come in​ a​ wider range of​ colors. These counters never need resealing or​ polishing. They resist scratches,​ heat and stains. Cons: Seams are visible and installation is​ expensive.

3. Polished concrete - Customizable counters can be had in​ any shape or​ size you want and will take on​ any color you care to​ tint them. These seamless counters are heat and scratch resistant and they look good. Cons: They also stain easily and are very expensive. Can be hard to​ find skilled tradespeople.

4. Solid surface - Usually acrylic,​ these counters are solid all the​ way through and give you a​ durable surface without seams. Waterproof. Small scratches can be sanded away. Wide range of​ colors and designs. Cons: Though these counters can look solid,​ they can be scratched easily and become damaged by heat and knives.

5. Recycled glass - Looks great. This alternative to​ natural stone combines colored recycled glass with concrete to​ make an​ attractive countertop that's good for the​ environment. Cons: Properties are similar to​ granite so while it​ resists heat and scratches,​ it​ stains easily and needs to​ be resealed regularly. Expensive.

6. Laminate - the​ old standby,​ laminate is​ cheap and versatile. Made of​ plastic layers bonded to​ paper or​ particle board,​ it​ comes in​ an​ endless variety of​ colors and patterns. Somewhat durable. Cons: Can be permanently damaged by heat and knives and shows scratches easily. Once ruined,​ it​ can't be fixed.

7. Tile - Why don't we​ tile our kitchen counters more often? Tiles make a​ durable,​ easy-to-clean counter that is​ inexpensive and can be done yourself. Ceramic is​ heat and scratch resistant. it​ comes in​ a​ variety of​ colors and patterns. Cons: it​ also chips and cracks easily,​ and makes a​ poor cutting surface. Though tiles come clean,​ grout becomes stained.

8. Wood - Comes in​ a​ range of​ colors and finishes with maple and oak being the​ most popular. Makes a​ fairly easy-to-clean surface and gives a​ nice warm effect to​ the​ room. Can be damaged by heat and water but can also be sanded and resealed. Makes a​ good cutting surface. Cons: High maintenance countertop that needs regular oiling.

9. Stainless steel - Great looking modern countertop. Heat resistant and durable. Seamless. Easy-to-clean. Cons: Also expensive and noisy. These counters dent easily and dull knives.

Expect time to​ add character to​ the​ countertop you choose just like anything else in​ your home. No matter what material you decide on,​ make sure it's one you love and you can't go wrong.

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