Kids Party Games Have Never So Much Fun

If you are about to​ organise a​ children's party then balloons are normally as​ standard and this durable party idea has so many ways to​ make children and parents have fun.
There are literally endless ways to​ use balloons for parties but we​ here we​ look at​ four ideas to​ use balloons at​ a​ party. if​ the​ sun is​ shining then why not have the​ party outside but many of​ these games can also be played inside.
Balloon party game 1 - Toss the​ Water Balloon
Children stand face to​ face in​ pairs holding one water balloon per pair. the​ children toss it​ to​ each other. After each successful toss the​ kids take one step back. the​ pair of​ children whose tossing distance is​ the​ greatest,​ without dropping the​ balloon,​ is​ the​ winner
Balloon party game 2 - Have a​ Popping Balloon
Kids in​ pairs stand in​ a​ line,​ back to​ back. Each pair of​ children has a​ balloon held between their backs. On "go" they should try and pop the​ balloon using only their backs. First pair of​ kids whose balloon pops is​ the​ winner.
Balloon Game 3 - Catch the​ balloon
Kids stand in​ a​ circle all numbered from one onwards. the​ kid with the​ highest number goes in​ the​ center. He holds a​ balloon,​ shouts a​ number and throws the​ balloon up in​ the​ air. the​ kid whose number was called must catch the​ balloon before it​ touches the​ ground. He or​ she then repeats the​ process. Whoever fails to​ catch the​ balloon is​ out. Have a​ parent throw the​ balloon when only 2 kids are left.
Balloon game 4 - Water Balloon Relay
Divide kids into two teams. Provide each team with a​ number of​ water balloons. (At least one balloon per team member) the​ first one to​ go in​ each team must place a​ water balloon between its knees and hobble to​ the​ finish line,​ dropping the​ balloon in​ a​ bucket without using hands. He/she then runs back to​ the​ team,​ tags the​ next kid and the​ process is​ repeated. if​ the​ balloon is​ dropped the​ kid must grab it​ by hand,​ run back to​ the​ start and start all over. the​ winning team is​ the​ one who manages to​ get the​ most balloons in​ their bucket.
Making the​ most out of​ balloons can be a​ good idea if​ you have a​ tight budget and money is​ tight. Balloons are so versatile and there is​ endless amount of​ games and fun to​ have all that is​ required is​ your imagination!

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