Kick Off World Of Soccer Games

Kick Off World Of Soccer Games

Kick Off World of​ soccer games
On this website you can choose to​ go to​ the​ latest news of​ the​ blog (on 8 different languages) about old school football,​ games like Sensible World of​ Soccer,​ Kick Off 2,​ Player Manager,​ the​ Manager and their remake like Throw in​ and Up Soccer or​ take a​ look at​ wikickoff,​ the​ open encyclopedia of​ Football videogames,​ home computer and console emulators for Windows,​ Apple Mac OSX,​ Linux,​ Pocket PC that anyone can edit,​ or​ just go to​ the​ forum and start discussing about old Amiga,​ Atari,​ Commodore 64,​ Nintendo,​ SEGA,​ Megadrive,​ the​ latest football games for PC and consoles

Wikickoff is​ a​ Web-based,​ free-content encyclopedia inspired to​ Wikipedia,​ which is​ written collaboratively by volunteers .​
Entries on​ traditional encyclopedic topics exist alongside those on​ current events topics .​
Its purpose is​ to​ create and distribute,​ worldwide,​ a​ free Kick Off encyclopedia in​ as​ many languages as​ possible .​
Wikickoff is​ one of​ the​ most popular reference sites of​ the​ Kick Off Association.
Wikickoff began as​ a​ complement to​ the​ Kick Off World Cup Guide on​ April 2005 .​
Having steadily gained in​ popularity,​ it​ has spawned several conceptually related sister projects such as​ Wikoa and the​ Italian Wikickoff .​
Its articles are edited by volunteers in​ wiki fashion,​ meaning articles are subject to​ change by nearly anyone .​
Wikickoff's volunteers enforce a​ policy of​ neutral point of​ view .​
Under this,​ the​ views presented by notable persons or​ KOA members are summarized without attempting to​ determine an​ objective truth.

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