Keeping Your Computer Clean

Keeping Your Computer Clean
If your computer is​ used a​ lot and keep it​ on​ for hours at​ a​ time it's a​ good idea to​ clean it​ every now and again,​ one of​ the​ main problems is​ dust .​
Cleaning out this dust can extend your computers life and make keep it​ running faster and quieter .​
If you have a​ desktop computer then the​ main place dust accumulates is​ around the​ CPU unit and fan areas .​
To prevent your processor from over heating there is​ a​ fan connected to​ a​ heat sink which sits on​ top of​ the​ processor to​ disperse the​ heat .​
This fan blows air down on​ to​ the​ heat sink to​ cool it​ down as​ the​ heat is​ passed up from the​ CPU .​
Because the​ fan is​ constantly blowing air it​ also blows the​ dust particles in​ the​ air in​ to​ the​ heat sink,​ over time this can clog up the​ computers heat sink reducing its effectiveness .​
Because of​ the​ dust your fan may have to​ blow faster making it​ louder and more costly to​ run .​
Normally you can see if​ the​ fan is​ clogged up simply by opening your computer up and looking at​ it .​
If your fans heat sink is​ really clogged up with dust and dirty looking it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ give it​ a​ clean .​
When dealing with the​ inside of​ your computer or​ anything electrical ensure the​ power is​ turned off and it​ is​ unplugged first .​
The best way to​ clean out the​ insides of​ your computer is​ by using a​ can of​ compressed air and special nozzle,​ you can buy these from any good computer store .​
The spray nozzle is​ useful for getting in​ to​ those tricky places .​
When spraying the​ compressed air on​ to​ your computer,​ make sure you don't spray it​ for to​ long as​ condensation may form some drops of​ water .​
After blowing away any dust from your computers heat sinks give it​ a​ gentle wipe over with an​ anti-static cloth .​
You can also use the​ compressed air to​ clean your power unit and keyboard.
Cleaning the​ inside of​ your computer doesn't take long providing you have the​ correct equipment,​ and once done you notice an​ immediate improvement in​ your computers performance .​
The fan wont need to​ blow as​ hard so it​ will be quieter and thanks to​ the​ processor running at​ a​ cooler temperature your whole computer should generally run faster .​
I​ try to​ clean my computer every 4 or​ 5 months to​ keep it​ running efficiently.

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