Its Casual Fun Online Games For Families

It's Casual: Fun,​ Online Games For Families
Whether it's a​ quick game of​ Bejeweled while waiting on​ hold or​ a​ game (Please,​ just one more!) of​ Zuma before bed,​ Americans of​ all ages are enjoying the​ fun of​ casual games on​ their computers.
And these addictive pastimes are gaining in​ popularity-even as​ sales of​ boxed PC games have declined .​
Casual games are becoming so popular,​ some of​ the​ Web's top sites are offering a​ downloadable or​ online casual games page.
One of​ the​ newest online destinations for the​ casual gamer is​ Disney's Game Café,​ Disney Online's downloadable games collection and Web site featuring activities for a​ grown-up audience-as well as​ Disney-themed games for younger folks.
All of​ the​ games are available via free trials,​ so gamers can try before they buy .​
And when it​ comes time to​ pay,​ the​ fee-usually under $20-is generally just a​ fraction of​ the​ cost of​ a​ store-bought game.
The site offers games that appeal to​ adults who can easily download and play offline with friends and family .​
With plans to​ add more games in​ the​ future,​ a​ sampling of​ the​ current lineup includes the​ following Disney-themed games,​ as​ well as​ popular titles from leading online developers and publishers:
• Disney's Trivia Time: a​ fast-paced,​ challenging trivia game where players test their knowledge of​ all things Disney with questions such as​ What is​ the​ name of​ Goofy's son? (Answer: Max);
• Cubis 2 Gold and Word Mojo Gold from FreshGames;
• Diner Dash and Subway Scramble from PlayFirst; and
• Bejeweled 2,​ Chuzzle,​ Zuma,​ Bookworm,​ Rocket Mania,​ Insaniquarium,​ AstroPop,​ Typer Shark,​ Dynomite,​ Pixelus and Big Money from PopCap Games.
• On the​ Disney Game Downloads portion of​ the​ site there is​ also a​ selection of​ games for kids such as​ Disney Princess Castle Party and Pirates Pinball.

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