It Marketing Finding Prospect Lists

It Marketing Finding Prospect Lists

IT Marketing: Finding Prospect Lists
After you​ write your long sales letter,​ you​ need to​ know who to​ send it​ to​ .​
In this article,​ you'll learn where to​ find an​ advertising list and trade organization listings to​ help with your IT marketing efforts.
Advertising Lists
For list selection,​ you​ have many choices .​
If you're looking for recommendations,​ especially in​ the​ U.S.,​ it's really simple .​
You have list compiler companies like Zap Data (),​ and InfoUSA () .​
For your IT marketing,​ they're a​ good place to​ start.
Tip: For renting mailing lists outside the​ U.S.,​ start looking at:
· Accountable List Brokers - in​ Australia
· List Angels - in​ the​ United Kingdom
· InfoUSA also has Canadian lists
To go deeper,​ look at​ the​ local chambers and the​ industry trade groups where you​ can skim out some additional contact information for your IT marketing list .​
And certainly don't overlook your local newspapers and business journals for additional leads .​

Getting Involved in​ Trade Organizations
Over time,​ you​ will build up your IT marketing client list and end up with two clients that are,​ for example,​ dentists .​
You have experience in​ installing small LANs and setting up networks and all the​ X-ray,​ digital imaging software and all the​ patient chart management .​
you​ know exactly what to​ do with a​ dentist's office .​
So it​ makes sense to​ look for other prospects that are just like these dentists because it's a​ lot easier to​ sell to​ them.
Hang out Where Your Clients Do
The best way to​ reach those kinds of​ prospects is​ to​ look around for the​ trade groups that this particular occupation or​ industry would belong to​ .​
Go to​ their meetings and conferences,​ and take out a​ table in​ their local expos .​
Become active so you​ can be a​ panelist on​ something technology-related or​ write an​ article for one of​ their industry publications .​
The key here is​ to​ get referrals .​
Don't Over-do It
Don't run out to​ join more than two or​ three industry organizations at​ a​ time because that can easily take up a​ big chunk of​ your week .​
Ease into this over the​ next couple of​ months and get reasonably active .​
Don't get to​ the​ point that it​ starts digging into your job like getting on​ the​ board of​ directors or​ anything thing like that .​
But you​ do need to​ go to​ the​ meetings .​
If you​ go a​ few times a​ year,​ you​ will start meeting enough people to​ make the​ word of​ mouth referral potentially significant.
The Bottom Line on​ IT Marketing
In IT marketing,​ finding your potential customers is​ paramount .​
To build your prospect list,​ buy or​ rent some advertising lists and go to​ the​ industry events of​ your customers .​
Become reasonably active in​ these organizations so you​ can build your referral business.

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