Is Your Weight Stressing You Out

Is Your Weight Stressing You Out

I have been asked recently,​ what is​ my secret for my weight loss.

I jokingly just say I quit eating. But I am serious. Who says you must eat 3 meals every day?

Did GOD tell Adam he must eat 3 balanced meals a​ day? I have also heard it​ said that to​ lose weight you must eat 3 meals a​ day. Wow,​ who comes up with this stuff.

What I have found to​ be true in​ all my current research is​ this. Most people who are over- weight; (and how many people do you know that are not over weight,​ especially our children?) are overweight because their body is​ suffering from mal-nutrition. You may ask,​ how can someone 100lbs over their ideal body weight be suffering from mal-nutrition?

Folks,​ as​ we​ have all heard it​ many times before,​ and this is​ my opinion,​ there is​ nothing good in​ processed food. NaDa,​ zero,​ zilch. the​ box it​ is​ in​ may contain as​ much nutrition. **This is​ a​ Major clue ** if​ it​ won’t start to​ rot on​ the​ way home from the​ store,​ DON’T Buy IT!!! You can put processed foods out in​ your garage for days and most bugs won’t touch it. HOW COME? I am serious; try it​ with margarine. Think about it! And at​ best the​ whole food we​ do eat just has trace amounts of​ the​ minerals and vitamins our body needs.

Folks,​ this is​ Common Sense. if​ the​ foods we​ eat are dead,​ our body will just cry,​ and beg for more and more and more hoping that it​ may get something nutritional. That’s why we​ are always hungry. Think about this. How many times a​ day DO YOU put something in​ your mouth. Most of​ us don’t eat three meals per day. we​ EAT all day long. the​ snack food companies are getting rich! Read my short tip on​ High Fructose Corn Syrup and do some research yourself.

GOD did not design our digestive system to​ have to​ process food all day long. Wow,​ what a​ brainstorm,​ Tedro is​ on​ to​ something. Have you ever heard of​ FASTING? Just Fast one day a​ week (drink only water) and your body will rejoice.

Yes !! as​ I have said before,​ we​ must supplement our diet with nutritional products preferably liquid (for absorption). Since I have been training my body to​ accept the​ nutritional supplements I am giving it,​ it​ has quit crying and begging for food and I am literally not hungry most of​ the​ time. Wow! My grocery bill has been cut in​ half; so can I afford the​ nutritional products?

Check out some of​ the​ different sources for delicious liquid whole food nutrition that I currently have on​ this site,​ join the​ company,​ buy wholesale,​ tell your friends and I hope you will be kind enough to​ use my name and ID numbers when you join the​ companies. to​ start on​ your road to​ an​ Abundant Healthy Living ACT today.

And of​ course I must add: as​ with any nutritional supplements,​ these statements have not been evaluated by the​ Food and Drug Administration. All products on​ this site are not intended to​ diagnose,​ treat,​ cure or​ prevent any disease. the​ ingredients in​ these products provide many of​ the​ nutrients that are often missing in​ our food sources today.

Is Your Weight Stressing You Out

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