Is Your Web2 0 Marketing A Goldmine Or Black Hole

Is Your Web2 0 Marketing A Goldmine Or Black Hole

As an​ Online Business Owner,​ I regularly subscribe to​ and read many ezine newsletters. Some of​ them I find rather silly,​ some hyped and some just plain annoying. as​ a​ internet business owner,​ however,​ it​ takes a​ lot to​ get me to​ unsubscribe because there is​ usually something to​ learn no matter how small from most newsletters.

My favorite newsletters of​ late are those that lead me on​ a​ trail to​ places where others who share my interest and are on​ the​ same path as​ I am. Whether it​ be a​ community of​ dieters,​ hair style fanatics ,​ a​ mom friendly place or​ internet marketing communities.

These newsletters have their finger on​ the​ pulse of​ what Web 2.0 Marketing is​ and how to​ make the​ most of​ it.

Just recently,​ I got an​ email from one of​ my favorite affiliate programs which led me to​ his blog. Once I arrived to​ the​ blog,​ I found lively discussion initiated by the​ owner about his most recent opt in​ test results along with comments from other members. Unfortunately my two cents was not on​ topic but I felt my comments would still need to​ be seriously considered. Before I placed my comment,​ being the​ good netizen that I am,​ I prefaced my post by saying just that - "my comment may not be on​ topic."

Unsure,​ if​ my comments would end up in​ a​ big black hole or​ deleted,​ I forged ahead with my comments that I felt would help his affiliate members.

Believe me,​ the​ suggestion I gave for his membership program was a​ Win- Win for everyone. I did not say this in​ my post but any smart business owner could for him or​ herself conclude that on​ their own.

Imagine my delight when I received his regularly scheduled newsletter one week later announcing changes to​ the​ basic membership program which included a​ change that actually used my suggestion. Mind you,​ the​ membership program I had was for his free program at​ the​ time. the​ suggestion had to​ do with making changes within the​ free basic membership program.

Needless to​ say,​ I was delighted to​ see someone take action. This owner not only has Web 2.0 marketing in​ his business but he is​ actually using it​ smartly. as​ a​ result of​ this,​ I have since upgraded to​ a​ paid membership.

Trust me when I say this owner will see his sales continue to​ increase because he has a​ few of​ the​ Web2.0 Marketing principles at​ work for him that I've noticed.

1. a​ Business System - He has a​ pretty good Web 2.0 Marketing system in​ place for both front end and back end sales for his business .

2. Integrated Blog - There is​ nothing like having a​ blog out there all by itself and no one to​ visit it. He has a​ good system in​ place to​ generate traffic to​ his blog.

3. Engaging - How many of​ your clients and prospects have you​ engaged in​ communication with lately? the​ biggest turn off to​ people online is​ when they are unable to​ interact with you. Don't be afraid to​ put your thoughts out there and allow your subscribers or​ website visitors a​ chance to​ talk back.

Are you​ a​ control freak? Well if​ you​ are,​ it's time to​ Move on​ and Let that go.

Stop talking to​ yourself and allow others to​ enter the​ conversation whenever you​ send out communications to​ your subscribers.

If you​ do,​ you​ just might talk yourself into a​ Web 2.0 Marketing business Goldmine.

If you​ would like to​ see positive results from Web 2.0 Marketing in​ your business,​ I would encourage you​ to​ download a​ free report written together with the​ help of​ my friend and mentor Henry Gold.

This report will help you​ as​ it​ did me to​ clearly understand Web 2.0 and how it​ will affect your business.

I encourage you​ to​ go ahead and download the​ rest of​ the​ report not for me or​ Henry but for yourself. it​ changed my life and I am confident it​ will change yours.

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