Is Weight Training Good For Women

There are many women who attend a​ gym only to​ use the​ cardio equipment there. They never touch the​ weights. Most of​ them never get noticeable results either. if​ asked why they don't train with weights the​ usual answer they give is​ "I don't want to​ get bulky". in​ this article I want to​ explain why women should not avoid weight training and why training with weights is​ actually appropriate for them.

Women athletes should not be intimidated by weight training. They think that training with weights will make them look less feminine. This is​ a​ very common misconception.

Let me explain why this is​ not true. It's very simple - women don't produce the​ quantities of​ anabolic hormones,​ necessary for excessive muscle growth. as​ a​ matter of​ fact even most men don't.

In order for a​ female athlete to​ develop noticeable muscle mass,​ she would have to​ resort to​ pharmaceuticals that will dramatically increase her anabolic hormone levels. Without them a​ female athlete,​ using weights,​ would mostly tone up her body by eventually gaining some muscle mass and losing body fat.

Here are the​ facts. Even men,​ who train naturally,​ will most likely never develop muscle mass in​ excess,​ although they produce the​ anabolic hormone testosterone in​ their bodies.

Women produce only one tenth of​ the​ testosterone men do. So,​ the​ chances a​ female athlete would have results,​ similar to​ what a​ natural male athlete could have,​ are really small. Enough said about women and the​ possibility for excessive muscle mass development.

But why training with weights is​ appropriate for women?

The biggest reason why women should train with weights is​ weight training increases lean muscle mass. And lean muscle mass elevates the​ metabolic rate. This is​ the​ tissue that uses fat for fuel. the​ more muscle mass you have,​ the​ more fat you burn not only during workout but also throughout the​ day.

Every pound of​ lean muscle mass gained means up to​ 30 more calories a​ day burned. This number might not look significant but over the​ course of​ a​ year it​ translates into more that 3 pounds of​ fat burned.

Now you see why it's important to​ maintain your muscle mass while dieting. Not only maintain but even try to​ build more,​ which will help burn the​ unwanted fat faster. of​ course,​ as​ I said above,​ it's not physiologically possible for women to​ build excessive muscle mass. So don't be afraid to​ gain some that will come naturally.

This is​ only one of​ the​ benefits that comes with weight training. as​ we​ all know there are much more. Just keep in​ mind the​ following.

First,​ if​ you are a​ female,​ don't be intimidated by weight training as​ this is​ not going to​ make you very muscular. It's just not possible. Mother nature will not allow it.

Second: You should actually strive to​ build more lean muscle. By increasing your lean muscle mass you increase the​ amount of​ calories burned during physical activity as​ well as​ throughout the​ day.
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