Is Swimming Effective For Weight Loss And Tone Muscles

Well,​ most people think swimming is​ effective to​ tone muscles and lose fat and that is​ why the​ swimming pools everywhere are always packed in​ the​ evenings and weekends. Well,​ I must first declare that I am not anti-swimming. in​ fact,​ I swim regularly. However when I researched materials for my articles,​ I came across some negative aspects of​ swimming from the​ scientific community.

Swimming is​ considered as​ one of​ the​ best exercises to​ lose weight and also to​ build and tone muscles. Not surprisingly so because when you swim,​ all your major muscles are called into action. it​ also has an​ aerobic effect,​ so heart and lungs get a​ good workout too.

However,​ a​ research published in​ the​ American Journal of​ Sports Medicine shows that in​ the​ absence of​ a​ controlled diet,​ swimming has little or​ no effect on​ weight loss.

Professor Grant Gwinup conducted an​ experiment with the​ following results.

* Test subjects following a​ walking program lost 17 pounds of​ weight during the​ three-month study.

* Those following the​ cycling program lost 19 pounds of​ weight.

* However,​ subjects following the​ swimming program actually gained 5 pounds.

Astonishing isn't it? I was surprised too when I first read the​ report.

Professor Gwinup then assumes that swimming in​ cold water stimulates the​ appetite to​ increase caloric consumption.

Professor Louise Burke,​ Head of​ Nutrition at​ the​ Australian Institute of​ Sport,​ pointed out that competitive swimmers typically have body fat levels that are higher than those of​ runners or​ cyclists who expend a​ similar amount of​ energy when they train.

Many people feel hungry after swimming and may simply replace all the​ calories they've burned with a​ large meal after their swim.

"Some research suggests that this is​ due to​ the​ cool temperatures in​ which swimmers train. By contrast,​ runners and cyclists usually experience an​ increase in​ body temperature during training,​ which may serve to​ suppress appetite - at​ least in​ the​ short term" said Professor Burke.

Professor Burke further said that competitive swimmers are less active outside their training sessions. They are so tired from the​ hours spent training that they sleep,​ sit or​ otherwise avoid any real physical activity outside their sessions.

Now on​ building muscles,​ because most of​ the​ work your body does when swimming involves positive muscle actions,​ like pushing up a​ bench press,​ there is​ no negative action like lowering the​ weights during a​ bench press at​ all. we​ know that the​ negative move during weight training is​ important to​ build muscles and burn fat.

Doing any exercise is​ better than not exercising at​ all. So go ahead and swim so that you can have various forms of​ exercises to​ beat the​ boredom of​ doing the​ same things all the​ time. Just make sure that you don't eat more or​ become more sedentary after your swim.

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