Is Slimming Stopping You From Losing Weight

Is Slimming Stopping You From Losing Weight

Have you tried every possible diet plan,​ even the​ "fads" when you've been really desperate,​ exercised until you have fainted and still not lost weight,​ worse still put weight on? Then ask yourself this question is​ it​ the​ sort of​ food you are eating that is​ stopping you from losing weight or​ is​ it​ when you eat? the​ answer is​ probably yes on​ both counts,​ not because you are greedy and eating to​ much but because you are eating the​ wrong things at​ the​ wrong times on​ the​ wrong days. Your body is​ an​ engine it​ requires the​ correct type of​ fuel at​ the​ right time of​ day to​ perform the​ tasks that need doing. You may end up not using the​ calories you are consuming and they will then be stored for future use as​ fat tissue.

The bodies metabolism regulates the​ amount of​ calories being burned and adjusts if​ the​ intake of​ calories is​ reduced,​ that means that you may initially lose weight quickly on​ a​ calorie controlled diet but it​ will not last as​ your metabolism adjusts to​ the​ new levels and you quickly find yourself on​ a​ starvation diet. the​ body is​ naturally designed to​ store fat for the​ leaner times and because you are lucky enough to​ live in​ a​ world where you can eat pretty much what you like when you like it​ is​ all to​ easy to​ find yourself piling on​ the​ pounds even when you think you are eating sensibly.

It has been discovered that the​ body takes a​ few days to​ adjust the​ metabolism to​ a​ change in​ eating patterns. it​ may be possible therefore to​ exploit this delay to​ force the​ body to​ burn fat by rotating not only the​ overall calorie intake but also the​ type of​ calories consumed. This can also help to​ prevent boredom setting in​ as​ often happens when you have been on​ the​ same diet for several weeks.

Since the​ body cannot know what you are going to​ eat tomorrow or​ the​ next day it​ can only assume that you will be following the​ same general pattern it​ is​ used to. By doing what the​ body is​ not expecting and changing the​ pattern of​ what you eat and when you eat it​ every few days the​ body can be fooled into burning body fat. By eating foods that contain calories that are easily metabolized,​ such as​ in​ raw foods for example,​ the​ calories are burned quicker and the​ body seeks out more calories and they are those stored in​ the​ body as​ fat tissue. Food that is​ easily metabolized include certain types of​ fats,​ and yet fats are one of​ the​ first things you are told to​ cut out when you start a​ diet.

So if​ nothing seems to​ be happening with your diet and your weight loss has ground to​ a​ halt start putting your own plan together,​ don't let your metabolism get the​ better of​ you,​ keep your body on​ its toes,​ look out different diet plans and change your food intake every few days,​ keep you eyes peeled for those foods that metabolize easily and never starve yourself.

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