IS Permission Email Marketing In Trouble And Is RSS The Answer

IS Permission Email Marketing In Trouble And Is RSS The Answer

"Permission Email Marketing",​ the​ only way to​ market your business via Email without getting yourself into trouble and giving you​ the​ ability to​ stay in​ touch and build a​ ongoing relationship with your customers and/or subscribers.

The only question is... is​ email still a​ reliable vehicle to​ deliver your marketing messages to​ your potential customers and/or subscribers?

With the​ rising concerns of​ SPAM,​ Blacklisting,​ Email Filters,​ and CAN-SPAM laws,​ it's getting Harder and Harder for legitimate "Permission Email Marketers" to​ reach there Target audiences with there Product or​ Service offers.

The end result is... "Time Wasted" and "Loss of​ Profits".

Is your online business suffering from this?

Only you​ can answer that.

Email used to​ be the​ MOST effective form of​ direct marketing online at​ one time before everybody started abusing it​ and there guidelines.

Don't get me wrong,​ email still is​ effective,​ the​ question is... how effective?

The benefit to​ marketing with email was that you​ were able to​ get your marketing message infront of​ your Target audiences within a​ matter of​ minutes with a​ single click of​ your mouse,​ which at​ one time made MANY marketers "Buckets-Of-Money" literally over night.

Email WAS the​ answer at​ that time,​ but,​ what's the​ solution for the​ future of​ "Permission Email Marketing"?

Is there an​ answer to​ this rising problem with Email?

I'll give you​ three letters... RSS!

Yes,​ there is​ a​ solution for "Permission Email Marketers" and/or for any online business owner who uses email to​ stay in​ touch with there customers and/or subscribers and that is​ RSS(Rich Site Summary or​ Real Simple Syndication).

RSS is​ the​ NEW technology on​ the​ block(though its been around for quite some time) and is​ transforming the​ Internet and how businesses communicate with there customers and/or subscribers as​ we speak.

The BIGGEST benefit you'll receive by incorporating RSS into your online business is... your customers and/or subscribers will receive 100% of​ your Product and/or Service offers.

I'm going to​ say that again,​ "your customers and/or subscribers will receive 100% of​ your Product and/or Service offers".

No other online technology offers this benefit.

Just imagine the​ increased response to​ your offers,​ which in​ turn will convert into more Sales and Profits for you​ and your online business.

Rest assured,​ you​ could sleep at​ night knowing that your messages are reaching 100% of​ your Target audience without the​ worry of​ SPAM filters mistakenly marking your email as​ "SPAM" and that all that time you​ spent putting your offer together didn't go to​ waste.

Would you​ then consider RSS?

I think you​ would. But,​ that is​ just my opinion.

There are many others benefits to​ using RSS which you​ can read about in​ a​ earlier article I wrote by clicking on​ this link -- -- since there are to​ many to​ list within this article.

Things are changing online,​ so we must change with it​ and adapt any new technologies we can in​ order to​ get the​ most out of​ our time and online businesses.

So,​ with that said,​ if​ your a​ "Permission Email Marketer" and your not happy with the​ results your currently getting from using "Email",​ then you​ might want to​ consider switching to​ "RSS".

100% delivery rate is​ unheard of​ with Email,​ but,​ is​ GUARANTEED with RSS(Rich Site Summary or​ Real Simple Syndication).

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