Is A Marketing Plan The Same Thing As A Communications Plan

Is a​ Marketing Plan the​ Same Thing as​ a​ Communications Plan?
How does a​ marketing plan relate to​ an​ organization's communications plan? What are the​ differences? is​ the​ marketing plan just one aspect of​ the​ communications plan? Should one consider combining them into a​ single document?
A communications plan is​ a​ PART of​ your marketing plan .​
a​ communications plan is​ a​ focused strategy you​ use to​ get the​ word out about your business,​ product or​ service.
You may use a​ variety of​ communications tactics such as​ public relations,​ advertising and speaking engagements .​
Yes,​ it​ does identify who you​ are communicating to​ and what your message is,​ and where and how you​ will get that message out,​ and often has goals or​ objectives you​ are trying to​ achieve.
Here's the​ difference between the​ two
A marketing plan starts by creating a​ strong,​ strategic marketing foundation for your communications plan .​
It addresses the​ goals and objectives for your business,​ not just for your communications activities.
It addresses how you​ package,​ price and sell your product or​ service,​ not just how you​ talk about it .​
It takes into consideration your competitors and helps you​ develop a​ unique selling proposition to​ ensure your product or​ service is​ uniquely positioned in​ the​ minds of​ your prospects and customers.
And it​ ensures you​ have a​ way to​ track all of​ your marketing activities to​ create the​ greatest possible success for your business.
You need a​ marketing plan FIRST
The messaging part of​ your marketing plan is​ where your communications plan comes in​ .​
Once you​ have created a​ strong,​ strategic marketing foundation (which you​ will do as​ part of​ creating a​ marketing plan) you​ can determine a​ message strategy and tactics - this is​ your communications plan .​
And it​ most definitely can be a​ part of​ the​ same document.
When I​ write marketing plans for clients,​ the​ communications plan is​ part of​ the​ marketing plan .​
The only time it​ is​ not,​ is​ when the​ client has written their own business and marketing plans .​
But in​ those cases,​ I​ make sure I​ either get to​ review their plans or​ that I​ completely understand their business goals and strategy so I​ can develop a​ marketing communications plan to​ support them.
The success of​ your communications plan depends on​ it
If all you​ have is​ a​ communications plan,​ you​ are missing an​ important part of​ what it​ takes to​ make a​ business successful .​
a​ marketing plan is​ essential.
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