Is A Low Carb High Protein Diet Really Effective For Weight Loss

Is A Low Carb High Protein Diet Really Effective For Weight Loss

You may have heard that to​ increase muscle and to​ lose weight you need to​ increase your protein intake. When I first heard that I thought...wait a​ minute the​ same thing that is​ going to​ make you bigger is​ supposed to​ make you 'smaller'...I asked the​ trainer this question and he looked at​ me dumbfounded but it​ left me to​ thinking..."besides sounding absurd,​ will this method actually be safe?"

Although we​ all know we​ require a​ certain quantity of​ protein every day to​ be healthy and because of​ propaganda to​ this effect,​ a​ lot of​ people view the​ daily consumption of​ high-protein foods such as​ meat and dairy as​ highly beneficial. However,​ judging from the​ failure of​ most if​ not all the​ people I have personally known attempting to​ lose weight on​ a​ high-protein,​ low carb diet,​ it​ may be time to​ revise our ideas about protein.

From what I have seen (upwards of​ six cases I have been able to​ observe among friends,​ family and co-workers) it​ will be safe to​ answer the​ question heading this article with a​ simple No!

Not only is​ a​ diet high in​ protein NOT the​ best at​ all for weight loss,​ according to​ many naturopaths,​ such a​ diet may even be detrimental to​ ones overall health.

Because of​ its complexity,​ excessive protein along with fatty foods are the​ most difficult foods to​ digest and tend to​ leave one tired all the​ time. Moreover the​ common putrefaction of​ protein while being digested creates many acids in​ the​ body and has been known to​ lay the​ foundation for cancer.

This is​ not to​ say that proteins and fats must be avoided,​ quite the​ contrary,​ what should be the​ goal in​ consuming these foods should be taking in​ exactly what the​ body needs and no more. the​ Max Planck institute has proven that,​ considering that the​ body recycles most of​ its protein for its own needs,​ 25g of​ protein a​ day is​ more than enough.

According to​ T.C. Fry,​ a​ well known Naturopath and pioneer in​ drugless healing,​ there are several cultures such as​ the​ Caribbeans,​ who subsist on​ a​ Manioc-based (root-vegetable) diet and get about 12 g of​ protein a​ day. Quite similarly,​ an​ aboriginal tribe living in​ the​ Mountains of​ Hagen was discovered to​ live on​ about 80-90% of​ their diet being Sweet Potatoes,​ the​ rest mostly leafy veggies,​ bananas and the​ like.

While I lived in​ Nigeria for 17 plus years,​ most people hardly ever even consumed milk or​ cheese (they were too expensive) and families strictly rationed the​ consumption of​ animal flesh to​ about the​ size of​ medium size lemon per person every other day. All these groups of​ people,​ with their root vegetable diets are obviously in​ great health,​ accomplishing great physical work.

Moreover,​ Mother’s milk,​ which for a​ time is​ a​ baby’s perfect food,​ has about 1-2 % protein content. (Only fruits and veggies resemble it​ in​ their composition) Any reasonable person will be able to​ deduce that a​ growing baby needs more protein than a​ full-grown adult,​ yet human babies,​ just like with our distant cousins: the​ Apes in​ the​ wild,​ do just fine on​ breast milk and on​ the​ subject of​ apes who share about 98% of​ our DNA,​ do you know the​ Gorilla,​ the​ strongest primate,​ has been known to​ bench press upwards of​ about 4000 pounds! What does this creature live on? According to​ Dr. George Schaller and Dian Fossey,​ two great primatologists,​ this powerful relative lives on​ mostly fruits and leaves.

Now,​ considering all the​ factors above,​ when it​ comes to​ the​ right diet for weight loss,​ I would recommend a​ Mucus-less or​ Mucus-poor (raw and cooked fruits and veggies) over any other mere fad in​ the​ quest of​ attaining fitness and health. of​ course,​ if​ the​ consumption of​ animal flesh must be continued,​ I would also advise that it​ be done at​ a​ minimal quantity and only one kind of​ animal flesh every so often.

In my opinion,​ consumption of​ fresh home-made salads,​ mono-meals of​ fruits,​ snacks on​ dried fruits such as​ dates,​ a​ few nuts and maybe even a​ short juice fast,​ as​ a​ choice for a​ diet (along with some form of​ exercise) will be the​ best path to​ attaining safe and healthy weight loss.

Is A Low Carb High Protein Diet Really Effective For Weight Loss

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