Is Fax Advertising Still A Good Marketing Choice In Canada

Is Fax Advertising Still a​ Good Marketing Choice in​ Canada?
Until 2000 the​ Canadian laws on​ fax advertising were not uniform across the​ country .​
It applied to​ some providers but not to​ all .​
Also prior to​ this it​ was not customer friendly; it​ was very confusing for the​ average consumer to​ understand what the​ rules were .​
When this new generalized rule came down there was also a​ ruling saying what the​ calling hours could be for proper calling times .​
The decision took into account each areas time zone .​
Unsolicited fax advertisements are not enforced or​ punished by the​ government .​
They are enforced and punished through the​ media carrier .​
The national rules that have been set up are an​ agreement that was reached via the​ commissioner of​ the​ CRTC and the​ various telecom service providers in​ the​ country .​
If a​ person is​ wishing to​ not have their fax number contacted for fax advertising they may place themselves on​ a​ voluntary do-not-call list .​
Their number will remain on​ the​ list for a​ period of​ three years .​
During the​ time that their number is​ on​ the​ list the​ companies do not call them out of​ choice .​
If they do choose to​ call a​ person that is​ on​ the​ list the​ violation of​ that can not be enforced by law though .​
That means if​ a​ person feels that they have been violated by the​ company then they are not able to​ sue .​
The do-not-call list is​ more like a​ gentlemen’s agreement than an​ actual strict law .​
If a​ consumer is​ receiving these fax advertisements and they no longer wish to​ be,​ they can look on​ the​ fax advertisement for a​ way to​ contact the​ company to​ let them know that they no longer wish to​ be contacted .​
Fax advertisements can be a​ wonderful tool for helping any business to​ get more costumers .​
However,​ customers prefer to​ be treated with respect .​
If they are not happy and feel that they are being bothered by a​ business in​ any type of​ way they will not be so kind as​ to​ spend their money there .​
Through fax advertising a​ solid business relationship can be either formed or​ destroyed depending upon how well the​ customer is​ treated through it .​
It is​ best for any business to​ abuse the​ media forms that they have at​ their fingertips .​
By following the​ general rules and guidelines set forth by the​ powers that be a​ company will portray the​ image of​ a​ responsible integrity based company that values their clients.

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