Is A Computer Repair Franchise Right For You

Is a​ Computer Repair Franchise Right For You?
Starting a​ computer repair business is​ not for everyone .​
Starting one from scratch is​ even less appealing to​ most people .​
One way to​ dramatically reduce the​ potential for business failure is​ to​ buy into a​ computer repair franchise .​
There are some real positives to​ doing this but there are also at​ least a​ couple of​ negatives .​
First the​ positive .​
a​ good franchise opportunity will offer you lots of​ training and support .​
There is​ a​ saying that says that you don't know what you don't know .​
This is​ certainly true of​ computer repair .​
There are a​ million tiny details to​ worry about when running your own business .​
Many of​ them are not obvious to​ someone new to​ the​ business .​
a​ franchisor can make your life much easier by pointing out the​ potholes before you fall in​ them.
Proven advertising is​ another big plus of​ buying into a​ franchise .​
a​ good franchise opportunity will have proven flyers,​ business cards,​ newspaper advertisements and more to​ get you started .​
Good franchises will also send you leads .​
You can often get better advertising rates due to​ bulk buys if​ the​ franchise is​ large enough.
Lower computer part prices should be another benefit you get from being involved with a​ franchise .​
Being part of​ a​ larger buying block should help you get better prices with your vendors .​
People that are running a​ mom and pop repair shop won't have the​ benefit of​ a​ buying group.
Professional image is​ another benefit of​ belonging to​ a​ good franchise opportunity .​
You will use their logos,​ t-shirts,​ business cards,​ car decals and more .​
You won't have to​ pay to​ get these created for you or​ simply try to​ create your own half baked graphics .​
These things will be provided for you.
What are the​ drawbacks to​ a​ franchise opportunity? One of​ the​ biggest revolves around money .​
Both the​ up front franchise fee and the​ ongoing royalty fee .​
Usually the​ more established a​ franchise opportunity is,​ the​ higher their up front fee is​ going to​ be .​
My advice is​ to​ shop around for the​ best opportunity for you .​
If you can't find any that interest you,​ you may have to​ start a​ business on​ your own.

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