Introduction To Renai Games

Introduction to​ Renai Games
Renai game is​ an​ adventurous Japanese computer game focusing on​ romantic interactions with anime girls .​
It is​ a​ sub genre of​ Bishojo games .​
Renai is​ a​ Japanese abbreviation which means 'romance .​
Not all but few Renai games contain pоrnographic content .​
Bishojo game containing hardcore pоrnography are generally called H games other are called Renai games .​
Terms dating sim and visual novel are often used as​ synonyms for Renai game in​ English .​
The terms love sim or​ love adventure games define Renai games more accurately,​ for casual use in​ English .​
Dokyuesi have established the​ conventions for Renai games in​ 1992 .​
In Renai game,​ the​ player controls male role surrounded by female characters .​
The game play involves start with the​ selection of​ artificial intelligence - controlled girls,​ attempting to​ increase their internal love meter through correct theme of​ dialogues .​
The same game lasts for a​ fixed period of​ game time been mentioned,​ such as​ one month or​ three years .​
When the​ game ends,​ the​ player looses the​ game if​ he failed to​ win over any of​ the​ girls,​ or​ finishes one of​ the​ girls,​ either by having sex with her or​ achieving eternal love .​
This gives the​ games more replay value than some other game genres,​ since the​ player can focus on​ a​ different girl each time,​ trying to​ get a​ different ending .​
There are different types of​ variations for Renai games: high-school romance is​ the​ most common,​ but a​ Renai game may also take place in​ a​ fantasy setting and involve challenges such as​ defending your girl from monsters .​
Renai games,​ as​ their name suggests,​ generally strive for a​ romantic atmosphere.
Famous Renai games
Following are the​ few especially popular and influential Renai games .​
There are thousands of​ Renai games in​ existence,​ but the​ games on​ this list were successful enough for an​ anime series to​ be based on​ them .​
Memories Off series
Pia Carrot e yo koso (Welcome to​ Pia Carrot)
Sister Princess
To Heart
Tokimeki Memorial (Heartthrob Memorial)
True Love Story
Tsukihime (Moon Princess)
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