Intro 101 Make Money Taking Great Photographs

Intro 101: Make Money Taking Great Photographs
You love taking photographs and people keep telling you​ that you​ have a​ great eye .​
How difficult is​ it​ really to​ make money from your photographs?
There's a​ lot to​ taking good photo's and there's no way that one article could cover all the​ aspects of​ a​ good photo .​
This is​ an​ overview on​ how to​ get started taking making money with your hobby.
Before you​ start you​ will need:
- a​ decent camera doesn't have to​ cost the​ earth but it​ can be all the​ difference when it​ comes to​ making beautiful photo's
- to​ understand the​ different features on​ your camera learning to​ use the​ special features on​ your camera can make all the​ difference .​
- to​ keep your eyes peeled for good photo opportunities at​ all times .​
When judging photos generally the​ three main elements are judged .​
The crispness/ sharpness of​ the​ image,​ the​ composition and the​ subject .​
The sharpness of​ your images can be improved by focusing properly .​
Zoom all the​ way in​ to​ the​ intended subject and focus .​
Then zoom out to​ the​ desired distance .​
The focus should be sharper .​
The composition: whole books have been written about composition and there is​ a​ broad and fascinating science behind it .​
In general the​ law of​ thirds should serve you​ well when trying to​ make a​ well composed shot .​
Divide the​ frame into 3x3 lined sections .​
All the​ action should center along the​ lines .​
This means the​ subject should never be entirely in​ the​ center of​ the​ frame .​
When trying to​ compose your shot always try to​ balance the​ elements within the​ frame .​
You will get a​ feel for this with practice .​
The subject - when taking commercial photo's this is​ obviously very important .​
You will want to​ photograph a​ wide variety of​ subjects .​
Anyone can make a​ good living from selling stock photos .​
Look online or​ even set up your own .​
You must remember that selling anything takes work .​
You will need to​ spend a​ great deal of​ time marketing yourself and your work .​

If you​ are serious about making money from your photo's then you​ need to​ start putting together a​ portfolio containing your best work .​
Having a​ portfolio on​ hand can be very useful when wanting to​ impress prospective buyers .​
Consider putting together an​ online portfolio to​ reach an​ international market faster .​
You could even set up an​ online sales system selling your photos .​
If you​ really know a​ lot about photography consider sending some of​ your best work in​ to​ one of​ the​ photographic magazines with a​ step by step account of​ your procedure and equipment used .​
It's worth the​ effort because you​ gain valuable exposure as​ an​ expert in​ your field .​
You could use some more unconventional methods to​ generate cash with your camera .​
What about making screensavers from beautiful photos? If you​ don't have the​ technical know how you​ can ask someone to​ show you​ quite easily .​
Many people make good money this way .​
There are all kinds of​ other markets you​ can consider selling your photo's to​ .​
Online magazines,​ print magazines,​ newspapers,​ travel brochures and books all need photos .​
Keep your eye's open for any publications that appeal to​ your niche .​
All that’s left to​ do it​ grab your camera and start shooting!

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