Internet Online Business Scams Or How To Make An Easy Million

There are many online business opportunities available on​ the​ internet and the​ majority of​ them are scams. There are some good internet businesses but it​ can be difficult for somebody looking for an​ online opportunity to​ ascertain the​ ones that work from the​ myriads of​ get rich quick schemes.

Do not be fooled by all the​ schemes that advertise get rich quick schemes with only a​ few hours of​ work each week. in​ reality an​ online business is​ just like every other business in​ that hard work,​ long hours,​ determination to​ succeed and perseverance are required.

Here are typical headlines that one sees when searching for an​ online business opportunity:

"I made $35,​000 last week and I only worked 5 hours!"
"Work Online from Home and make $20K a​ Month - 100% Proven & Guaranteed!"
"Make $1,​000,​000 in​ 6 Months - the​ Easy Way!"

Do not be taken in​ by these headlines. if​ it​ was possible to​ make so much money so quickly and in​ such a​ short time would they actually reveal the​ secret to​ you​ for "Only $229"?

And why is​ that they only have limited opportunities available at​ this price? "BUY NOW" they scream as​ "THIS SECRET is​ ONLY AVAILABLE FOR a​ SELECTED FEW!"

So how does one find the​ real gem from the​ millions of​ opportunities currently being advertised?

The following guidelines can help when checking out the​ business potential of​ any internet business:

Are real products being sold?

I am amazed at​ how many businesses purely make money by recruiting more people who recruit more people without any products being sold. Stay well clear of​ these types of​ businesses.

What is​ the​ market for the​ products and just as​ important the​ competition?

If the​ market is​ as​ large as​ it​ is​ claimed to​ be and if​ every man and his dog are selling the​ same products,​ you​ can bet your life that it​ will not work for you!

How many people are making money doing this business?

Is it​ possible to​ speak to​ them? you​ do not want to​ speak to​ somebody a​ million miles away who possesses lovely pictures of​ his Lear Jet and his fancy yacht! is​ there somebody nearby who is​ running the​ business successfully?

Where are the​ headquarters?

It is​ a​ good idea to​ never buy a​ business where the​ headquarters are situated in​ a​ country where there are no clear business regulations in​ place. Better still only talk to​ businesses that are located in​ the​ same country as​ you! it​ is​ far easier to​ then sue the​ business for fraud if​ that is​ what actually happened.

If the​ people marketing the​ online opportunity do have the​ right answers for each of​ the​ above questions then it​ is​ now time to​ get expert advice from an​ experienced accountant who has knowledge of​ the​ internet.

Do not use a​ rookie who has just qualified from university but has no real business experience! if​ the​ (experienced) accountant agrees that it​ is​ a​ viable business opportunity then you​ have possibly found the​ right business opportunity.

It also makes sense to​ speak to​ other successful business people when evaluating any opportunity. if​ you​ do not know anybody,​ then blog about it​ on​ business forums like Ecademy and analyse the​ responses carefully.

It is​ possible to​ make a​ decent living if​ the​ right internet business is​ chosen followed by some serious effort and determination. Starting a​ new business is​ not for the​ faint hearted but can make more money long term than working for others.

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