Internet Kiosk Business Opportunities Scam

Internet Kiosk Business Opportunities Scam

For the​ last several years there were many TV commercials and Internet ads about Internet kiosk business opportunities. the​ idea is​ that any person can purchase one or​ more kiosks,​ install them in​ public places,​ sell Internet access plus some other products and make good profit.

This sounds like a​ good plan for many people. Some companies also successfully implemented such ideas and do make some profit. However whether this opportunity can be profitable for inexperienced entrepreneur-wannabes is​ very questionable.

According to​ a​ number of​ recent publications and lawsuits most of​ such business opportunity ventures turned out to​ be scams. in​ this article I will try to​ summarize facts about the​ Internet Kiosk business opportunity.

The following arguments (the arguments can either be true,​ very subjective or​ simply lies) are provided by Internet kiosk business opportunity sellers.

* Many people need Internet access wherever they go. People would like to​ pay for public Internet access.

* There are many potentially profitable locations – airports,​ malls,​ truck stops,​ nightclubs,​ hair salons,​ etc…

* People made a​ lot of​ money out of​ ATMs and pay phones,​ now is​ the​ time to​ profit from Internet kiosk business.

* you​ are just in​ the​ right place and in​ the​ right time! you​ are lucky to​ be among the​ first who take this incredible opportunity. Other people are already making $1000-$3000 a​ month. you​ must be not a​ smart businessperson if​ you​ do not take advantage of​ this opportunity right now!

* Investment amount ($7000-$15000 per kiosk) is​ very reasonable and will be paid off in​ a​ matter of​ 1-2 years.

* you​ must act now in​ order to​ secure the​ best locations in​ your area. or​ other people will take this business.

* Quotes from trusted sources also support the​ idea:

o "250,​000 to​ 300,​000 terminals will be in​ service throughout the​ U.S. by 2018." - Frost & Sullivan

o "By the​ end of​ 2018,​ 71% of​ all users will access the​ Internet via an​ appliance such as​ a​ terminal." - eTForecasts

o "High Speed Public Access Internet Terminals may soon become as​ common in​ airports and shopping malls as​ pay telephones and vending machines” USA Today

o "Public Internet Access Terminals will replace not only pay phones but also banking machines,​ because they will offer capabilities as​ well as​ all the​ other highway applications,​ from sending and receiving messages to​ scanning maps and buying tickets. Access to​ terminals will be essential,​ and available everywhere" -Bill Gates

Is there is​ anything wrong with the​ opportunity? the​ reality makes the​ opportunity look different from what is​ being advertised:

* Not that many people actually need or​ want to​ use Internet Kiosks. There is​ an​ increasing number of​ other ways (wireless services,​ mobile phone devices,​ etc…) to​ connect to​ the​ Internet including free options offered at​ many places such as​ hotels and coffee shops. Another reason is​ security. a​ responsible person may not want to​ type their private information on​ a​ public Internet terminal.

* Equipment price is​ usually too high (100-300% more than it​ should be),​ additional expenses are underestimated (or simply not mentioned),​ and potential profits are highly overestimated.

* it​ s very likely that inexperienced people cannot operate this or​ any other business without high risk and losses. Kiosk equipment is​ much more complex than regular vending machines,​ therefore regular people can not be qualified for this business.

* Once equipment is​ bought,​ people are not able to​ get locations. When they use locator companies,​ many locators cannot provide good locations or​ do not provide any location at​ all after taking money for their service.

The actual Internet Kiosk Business opportunity business is​ to​ make money for the​ opportunity sellers. They make money by selling overpriced equipment while promising unrealistic returns. if​ a​ person or​ company is​ trying to​ get into the​ Internet kiosk business,​ they do not need any help from business opportunity sellers. There are many kiosk manufacturers,​ trade shows and conferences where one can get objective information about the​ business and industry. I believe there is​ no such thing as​ a​ turnkey business opportunity. Only a​ qualified person or​ company with extensive research and experience might be able to​ succeed in​ the​ Internet kiosk business.

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