Internet Home Base Business Review

Internet Home Base Business Review
About a​ year ago I​ lost my job due to​ circumstances beyond my control .​
It was a​ big ugly corporate story that I​ won't bother to​ get into right now .​
Let's say that it​ was probably the​ best thing to​ happen to​ me .​
I​ was tired,​ and mentally burnt to​ a​ crisp .​

If you​ saw 'Office Space',​ you​ know where I'm coming from .​
I​ was in​ an​ unrewarding job,​ and just a​ slave to​ 'The Man' .​
When the​ office was closed I​ was afraid of​ the​ future .​
How would I​ find a​ job? Will I​ lose my car? Wait a​ tic...why should I​ rely on​ someone else to​ support me? I​ need to​ take care of​ myself .​

When I​ lost my job I​ began to​ notice all of​ the​ 'make money on​ the​ internet' eBooks for sale .​
Maybe they were beginning to​ boom,​ or​ maybe I​ just had more time to​ notice .​
I'm a​ very skeptical person .​
I​ would look at​ many of​ the​ different programs out there,​ but I​ would never buy one .​
I​ always felt like someone was out to​ separate me from my money .​
After a​ few weeks my bank account was getting thinner,​ and I​ had to​ do something .​
I​ purchased one program,​ and it​ helped....well for awhile .​

I​ read the​ book a​ few times before putting it​ to​ use .​
I​ really saw the​ value of​ the​ program when I​ went to​ put it​ in​ use .​
Many of​ the​ websites that were mentioned in​ the​ book were no longer in​ use,​ and the​ systems that were mentioned were just out of​ date .​
Yeah,​ I​ got burned .​

I​ was frustrated,​ and put the​ whole internet home business on​ the​ back burner .​
I​ always felt there was a​ way to​ make it​ work,​ but didn't quite know how .​
Fast forward a​ few months,​ and I​ was talking to​ a​ friend about my internet based misfortunes .​
He laughed because he was trying the​ same thing,​ but didn't want anyone to​ know about it .​
He felt like a​ fool for trying,​ but if​ it​ worked out he would be financially set .​
I​ asked him what he was using .​

He mentioned the​ Rich Jerk program .​
Great,​ a​ pompous guy telling me how much more money he has than me .​
Just what I​ need .​
He told me that things were working out for him .​
He wasn't making a​ killing...yet,​ but his income was growing each month .​
Ok,​ so I'd give it​ one more crack .​
Misery love company,​ right? a​ long story short....I'm not miserable .​
The Rich Jerk program really gave me some useful information that I​ could use right away .​
They even built a​ website for me...FOR FREE! Yup,​ I​ didn't even have to​ mess around with any HTML code .​

I​ just told them what I​ wanted and I​ was off to​ making some cash .​
The last time that I​ checked they brought back the​ free website offer,​ but it's for a​ limited time .​
This is​ the​ real deal .​
After some time I​ began to​ talk to​ more people about different internet home businesses .​
I've heard the​ horror and the​ success stories .​
I​ did notice a​ trend to​ the​ stories .​

The same three sites were mentioned,​ so I​ began to​ check them out a​ bit more .​
They are all very good,​ but certain types of​ people tend to​ excel with the​ different programs .​
It's just a​ matter of​ finding the​ one that is​ right for you​ .​

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