Internet Businesses Need More Traffic

Internet Businesses Need More Traffic

For an​ internet business to​ succeed the​ most important factor is​ traffic. Without traffic even the​ most expensive website is​ worthless. Having a​ website is​ like having a​ shop in​ a​ basement in​ a​ dark alley in​ a​ small town. So how can you​ generate traffic?

There are four main ways to​ generate useful traffic.

Paid for advertising – this works but is​ very expensive. you​ buy sponsored links to​ your website and bid for keywords. the​ two main search engines work slightly differently when it​ comes to​ bidding for keywords. One takes into account the​ click through ratios whilst the​ other only takes the​ bid price for positioning purposes.

Write articles – writing quality articles about the​ market your business is​ in​ will certainly help. This only works if​ you​ write a​ lot of​ articles. One or​ two articles will only give you​ a​ temporary blip of​ traffic maybe for a​ couple of​ days. There are literally hundreds of​ article sites that you​ can post to. it​ is​ hard work but well worth it.

Press releases – write a​ press release that has some human story behind it. Do not just write about your business but rather how it​ affected the​ life of​ someone doing business with you. Have you​ got a​ new product? Have you​ just picked up a​ major client? Write a​ press release!

Keep the​ press release short and snappy. Make sure you​ check for spelling and grammar before posting it. Make it​ interesting! Boring press releases never get read.

There are many places online where you​ can publish your press release for free. if​ you​ use more than one online service make sure you​ do not release it​ to​ all of​ them on​ the​ same day. Give at​ least a​ couple days in​ between each online service. For the​ best results pay a​ press release expert to​ distribute it​ for you​ especially to​ the​ local media outlets.

SEO – search engine optimisation – I am staggered at​ how little so called “SEO experts” know. it​ is​ important to​ find a​ good person to​ help you​ here. Do not take their word for it​ but pick up the​ phone and speak to​ a​ few of​ their clients.

Speak to​ people whose websites are already generating a​ lot of​ traffic and ask them who they use and how they generate traffic. you​ will be pleasantly surprised at​ how helpful other people are especially if​ they are not in​ the​ same line of​ business as​ yourself.

You can use Alexa to​ determine traffic to​ any website. it​ is​ not a​ hundred percent reliable but it​ is​ the​ best tool you​ have.

There are other ways of​ generating traffic which include blogging on​ online forums and sending emails to​ your target market audience.

The great thing about internet businesses is​ that once you​ have overcome the​ traffic battle then overheads are relatively low. you​ can almost get away without using any paper. Your invoices can be mailed out and any queries answered by email.

Make sure you​ pay a​ little bit more per month and get the​ fastest internet connection. Buy a​ powerful computer,​ the​ largest flat screen monitor you​ can afford and a​ fast three in​ one printer. Add a​ wireless keyboard and mouse and get ready to​ be inundated with orders!

Internet Businesses Need More Traffic

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