Internet Business Making Money Online

Internet Business Making Money Online

We all are in​ search of​ the​ silver spoon that will put our business on​ automatic pilot and the​ only thing we have to​ do is​ cash the​ checks. Aren’t you​ looking for this as​ well? I say you​ are and that’s the​ reason why you’re actually reading this article. You’re hoping to​ find the​ one tool,​ the​ one method,​ the​ one trick or​ the​ magic system that will make your dreams come true.

However,​ I have to​ disappoint you. There is​ no such thing as​ a​ silver spoon that will magically run your business while you​ sit back,​ relax and do nothing. if​ there was one,​ why is​ everybody trying to​ sell you​ the​ next big thing or​ the​ breakthrough that will make you​ rich and you​ won’t need to​ chase the​ magic system anymore?

Are you​ still confused? Because I am. you​ bet! Without exact and clear definition of​ what you​ are doing,​ there will be no answers. What does being rich mean to​ you? What exactly will the​ $50,​000 solve for you? it​ sure means something different to​ you​ than it​ does to​ me. We all strive to​ achieve our financial freedom,​ and that’s the​ only thing we have in​ common

Sorry for getting off topic here,​ but I bet you​ still want to​ know how to​ make real money with an​ Internet business,​ don’t you? So no more repeating marketing material over and over again ,​ but instead I will tell you​ how I make real money with my Internet business.

First,​ you​ need a​ product and a​ website to​ sell your product. I joined several programs that offer new tools and books with full master resale rights every month. What this actually means is​ that I can resell these products and keep 100% of​ the​ profit. I also have full control over the​ sales letter. This is​ very important. you​ are the​ one to​ set the​ price and you​ decide which bonus material you​ want to​ add. you​ also need somebody to​ process the​ credit card payments. My choices are PayPal and Clicbank.

Right,​ so by now you​ have a​ fantastic sales web site and you’re ready for business,​ but there is​ still a​ problem. to​ your misfortune nobody knows that you​ just opened for business and the​ cobwebs are starting to​ grow on​ your front door. the​ missing killer ingredient is​ traffic. Yepp,​ you​ need traffic and LOTS of​ IT! Do not do what I did. After joining all kinds of​ traffic exchange programs I can honestly say,​ they don’t work. you​ need something more powerful.

So here is​ exactly what I do every time I create a​ new web site for a​ new product I’m promoting,​ whether as​ my own or​ as​ an​ affiliate. I put an​ ad on​ the​ major pay-per-click engines like Google,​ Oveture,​ 7search and FindWhat. This gives my business a​ jump start. Please read all terms and agreements of​ these before you​ jump in,​ as​ they can be very dangerous.

Next I create backdoor pages for the​ new web site and promote them to​ the​ search engines through a​ blog. Search engines will index your pages much faster when you​ have a​ link to​ them from a​ blog. Never submit your sales web site directly to​ any search engines. you​ will get much higher rankings if​ they find you.

I also make sure that I place a​ popup window on​ every doorway page to​ sign up for my newsletter. One,​ that cannot be blocked. This way,​ at​ least,​ I’m sure to​ capture the​ email addresses of​ my visitors. Also several Google AdSense windows will give me a​ little kick back.

Now a​ way to​ make it​ even more profitable,​ I take advantage of​ the​ thank you​ page for the​ newsletter subscription. I give away free stuff with lots of​ references to​ other web sites of​ mine and I make the​ subscriber aware that the​ real good stuff to​ download is​ hidden in​ an​ email. Therefore if​ they give you​ a​ fake email just to​ download the​ free stuff it​ won’t work. But at​ least they download the​ free promo material. My statistics are showing me that this is​ working. I always make sure that the​ free stuff I’m giving away has viral marketing built in. Meaning,​ it​ needs to​ reproduce itself without any intervention from my part.

This doesn’t sound like much,​ but after setting up 5 sales web sites,​ the​ system is​ gaining momentum. Very soon,​ I will be able to​ drop the​ pay-per-click advertising,​ and I know that the​ system is​ able to​ support itself with enough visitors in​ order to​ make a​ profit.

Yeah I know,​ this is​ a​ lot of​ work. However,​ think about it​ and picture it​ in​ your head. Let’s say you​ put together a​ new sales web site every month. the​ possibility is​ that after 6 months you​ break even with the​ initial startup cost and pay-per-click costs. After that you’re making net profits. Let’s also say you’re making $200 a​ month in​ profits. Not much,​ but to​ be realistic. After just one year,​ if​ you​ have 12 sales web sites up and running,​ they produce $2400 a​ month in​ profits. Now tell me,​ would you​ walk away from a​ business like that? I didn’t think so!

Here’s a​ reality check for you,​ “if you​ want to​ get rich very quick you​ need to​ pray to​ win the​ lottery. But if​ you​ want to​ start a​ serious Internet business I advise you​ to​ follow my strategy. it​ works for me,​ and the​ chances are that it​ will work for you​ too. if​ you​ really want to​ push this system to​ the​ limits simply create several top of​ the​ pick affiliate programs and your profits will sky rocket through the​ roof.


Brian Camilleri

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