Internet Business Ideas

Internet Business Ideas

These are a​ few new internet business ideas that I won't be trying,​ but I hope that someone will. the​ first comes from people's frustration with technologies like e-book formatters. They don't want to​ spend hundreds for the​ software,​ and even when they do,​ they have trouble learning to​ use it.

The solution? a​ service business that compiles e-books for people. you​ could even have customers e-mail a​ photo and story about each family member or​ friend,​ and make a​ photo scrapbook for them. Whatever the​ purpose of​ the​ book,​ the​ idea is​ that the​ customer can easily download the​ book when done.

You would also host it​ on​ your site for a​ year or​ more,​ with the​ download link on​ a​ page that only the​ customer knows the​ address of. They can direct people to​ the​ page to​ give the​ book away,​ sell it,​ or​ otherwise distribute it​ to​ whomever they please. a​ larger contract might be doing the​ first high school yearbook in​ an​ e-book format (probably already done by the​ time you​ read this).

New Internet Search Engine Ideas

You may know that Google and other search engines give preference to​ sites that are older. It's a​ part of​ their search algorithms,​ and probably a​ good idea. it​ does mean,​ though,​ that even the​ best site in​ the​ world on​ a​ given topic may be nearly impossible to​ find. This can also happen because the​ site has too few incoming links (another part of​ the​ algorithms).

A solution is​ a​ search engine that gives highest priority to​ new web sites. it​ might even drop sites from the​ results once they are six months old,​ or​ perhaps always display those older sites on​ the​ bottom half of​ the​ page. the​ top results would always be the​ most relevant sites that are also the​ newest. This isn't meant to​ be better than existing search engines,​ but to​ serve a​ niche they don't serve.

Why is​ this a​ workable internet business idea? Partly because it​ would be so different from other search engines would attract attention and usage. Perhaps more importantly,​ many people would love to​ check regularly to​ see what new sites are out there covering "dogs,​" "backpacking,​" money making,​" "baby names,​" or​ whatever. Also,​ new site owners,​ waiting to​ show up in​ Google,​ would be regular visitors,​ searching for their own sites.

Another search engine I would like to​ see is​ one just for shopping. Imagine searching for "leather coat,​" and instead of​ getting sites that happen to​ use the​ words and others that know how to​ optimize,​ you​ got 80-word descriptions of​ various leather jackets,​ always with the​ price and other important information. if​ done well,​ only fishing poles would be in​ the​ results when you​ typed in​ "I want to​ buy a​ fishing pole."

It could be a​ paid-inclusion search engine. the​ user just wants to​ buy something,​ without the​ usual information sites in​ the​ results or​ "Buy leather on​ Ebay!" advertisements. Results could be randomly presented to​ start,​ with the​ ones getting clicks rising to​ the​ top of​ the​ results. This would be a​ democratic placement similar to​ Google's ads,​ but with enough information to​ make it​ more meaningful than five to​ ten-word sales pitches.

Can these new ideas work? Only time will tell,​ but I hope someone tries. in​ the​ meantime,​ I will continue writing articles like this to​ bring traffic to​ my sites. it​ has been the​ most profitable of​ the​ internet business ideas I have tried.

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