Internet Business Experimenting

Internet Business Experimenting

I had been trying to​ do some small business since I was in​ university time. However after I graduated and start my full-time career,​ I found it​ difficult to​ start a​ business as​ most traditional business:

1. Need a​ lot of​ time to​ run
2. Need some big amount of​ start up capital

So instead of​ starting my own business,​ I try to​ go into investment. I have try to​ invest in​ stock markets and properties. But both are just a​ starting point. as​ I continue in​ investing,​ I need more fund for my investment capital. Although my current job salary is​ ok,​ but I wanted to​ get some other streams of​ income so that I won’t be solely depends on​ my main income.

After long long time of​ searching,​ I discovered internet-base business. the​ good things of​ internet-base business is​ that it​ can be start on​ part-time basis and there is​ no need big amount of​ startup capital to​ start with. Futher more internet-base business has a​ lot of​ revenue potential with passive income. However there are so many ways to​ make money online,​ just far too many expert claim that they can tell you​ how to​ make money online. the​ more I read,​ the​ more I become confuse. I know that I will need to​ pick only 1 and 2 to​ focus on​ it. So I figure out a​ few that are suitable for my situation:

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Create and sell e-book

The strategy are the​ same,​ I need to​ find a​ niche market with something that I expert with and write about it. if​ people find my knowledge useful to​ them,​ then they will come.

For affiliate marketing mainly the​ strategy is​ to​ provide good content to​ pre-sell my affiliate product. There are so many affiliate programmes out there like,​,​ ebook products,​ health products and many other products. So I need to​ find a​ niche market and create a​ good content site to​ presell those affiliate product. However a​ good content site needs a​ lot of​ writing and good knowledge on​ the​ niche market. Consideration like what domain name to​ choose,​ what keyword that people are searching are also important. One of​ the​ hosting that specialize in​ creating content site that I know of​ is​ site build it:

Below are some of​ the​ good content sites created on​ site build it:

Another focus is​ to​ create and sell an​ e-book using a​ killer sales letter. For this one I really need to​ be real expert in​ the​ subject that I write. Below are some of​ the​ killer sales letter that sells e-book:

Currently these are the​ directions that I will focus on. Since I am a​ beginner in​ this I will keep on​ experimenting until I find a​ way that works for me.

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