Internet Business 101 Maximize Your Daily Efficiency

Internet Business 101 Maximize Your Daily Efficiency

When running an​ online business you​ have to​ work efficient. This rule is​ even more true when you​ are the​ business owner with no employees. it​ is​ easy to​ lose track of​ what you​ are doing or​ taking the​ day too easy and let valuable time just slip by. the​ loss of​ efficiency will be felt in​ your wallet in​ form of​ less money at​ the​ end of​ the​ month.Here are a​ few items to​ consider that help you​ to​ work more efficient

Maintain a​ List of​ "To Do" items

At the​ end of​ each day when you​ are ready to​ stop working,​ take a​ few moments and write down the​ top 5 items you​ have to​ accomplished that day. Based on​ this list now write down the​ open items you​ need to​ work on​ the​ next day. This might look weird when you​ start,​ but after a​ few days you​ have a​ great way of​ tracking your open items. When you​ come back to​ your computer the​ next day you​ know exactly where to​ start and what you​ need to​ do. at​ the​ end of​ the​ day you​ also know what you​ accomplished.

Group tasks and Assign Time windows

From experience you​ will know how long certain tasks take to​ be completed. When looking at​ your list of​ open items you​ should be able to​ assign certain time windows to​ different tasks. This will help you​ to​ structure your day much better and to​ reduce interruptions. Let's say one specific task takes 4 hours. you​ know you​ have several meetings and phone calls scheduled for that morning. it​ would not make sense to​ start that 4 hour task if​ you​ will have to​ interrupt it​ for phone calls and meetings. it​ always makes more sense to​ structure your day properly to​ be most efficient. Start working the​ 4 hour task when you​ have a​ time slot big enough.

Don't Waste Your Time checking Statistics too often

This is​ a​ big one. So many people waste time checking their financial stats too often during the​ day. Unless you​ are monitoring a​ new PPC campaign or​ a​ new project website it​ is​ not necessary to​ check your stats every 15 minutes. in​ fact - check your stats twice a​ day. Do the​ first check in​ the​ morning. This gives you​ a​ good overview of​ how the​ day before went and it​ allows to​ investigate issues as​ they arise. Check them in​ the​ early afternoon to​ make sure things are still going as​ normal. if​ something is​ entirely wrong you​ can even talk to​ an​ account manager of​ an​ ad network to​ find out if​ there are tracking problems as​ an​ example. That should be more than sufficient. Everything else would be a​ waste of​ your time - time you​ can use to​ be more sufficient.

Things you​ don't like to​ do

Everyone has tasks he/she does not like to​ do. it​ is​ in​ the​ human nature that we face those tasks we don't like at​ all. But they still need to​ be done. These can be the​ most dragging tasks and they can undermine your efficiency and your success. By properly planning for these tasks you​ can avoid the​ loss of​ efficiency. Start of​ the​ day with something you​ like to​ do. Now make it​ a​ habit to​ do the​ tasks you​ don't like to​ do right after that,​ but do them before lunch. By following this rule you​ have the​ entire second half of​ the​ day for the​ stuff like to​ do. When we get tired from working later in​ the​ day it​ is​ much more difficult to​ motivate us to​ work on​ stuff we do not like. it​ is​ so much easier to​ motivate yourself for stuff you​ like to​ work on​ even if​ your are tired.

Make taking breaks a​ habit

Breaks are important for your health and your efficiency. it​ might look less an​ issue when you​ are in​ your 20's,​ but by making taking breaks a​ habit early on​ you​ maintain a​ healty lifestyle. Nothing hurts an​ Internet entrepreneur more than being sick. Depending on​ your business model your income will slide. you​ are also working on​ a​ computer all day and certain illnesses are work related to​ working with computers all day. Take a​ quick 10-15 minute breather every 2-3 hours. Stretch yourself,​ get some fresh air,​ train your eyes by looking at​ something in​ the​ distance. Think about something less work related.

By following these easy rules you​ can improve your efficiency dramatically. Key is​ to​ be persistent and establish the​ right habits early on.

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