Internet And Business Online A World Of Individuals

Internet And Business Online A World Of Individuals

Audio and video streams as​ well as​ mp3 players are providing an​ interesting shift in​ reality as​ we know it.

The growth of​ video games has facilitated a​ culture that is​ not immune to​ the​ idea of​ an​ altered reality. a​ young girl in​ Colorado was beaten to​ death when a​ family member and friend decided to​ act out a​ scene from a​ violent video game they had been playing. These two teens were tried as​ adults in​ the​ case facing murder charges.

The alternate state many of​ the​ world’s population are discovering is​ that they can effectively remove outside audio influence through the​ use of​ a​ portable device.

The morning commute can be significantly altered if​ an​ individual connects two earbuds to​ their audio sensory units (ears) and view the​ world around them through a​ lens of​ their own creation without the​ input of​ those they may encounter.

Others can download and carry with them video streams that can effectively remove traces of​ the​ world they may have normally faced in​ a​ typical commute.

We need to​ realize the​ growing effect audio and video streams have on​ the​ culture at​ large. Many prefer text or​ instant messages to​ face-to-face conversation. Some will avoid making a​ cell phone call that may require less time in​ favor of​ an​ extended session of​ text messaging.

Children twelve and younger use services like Neomail to​ achieve the​ same results and that trend will follow them into adulthood.

Right or​ wrong is​ not the​ emphasis of​ this article. However,​ the​ effects are worth noting and it​ is​ also important from a​ marketing perspective to​ understand that this phenomenon is​ ultimately facilitated through catering to​ an​ on-line,​ on-demand generation.

Cable channels are catering to​ this demand with full blown advertising campaigns about the​ video streaming opportunities that exist for customers wanting to​ download and view full episodes of​ their favorite shows.

Where once an​ individual either read a​ newspaper,​ found themselves deep in​ thought or​ ultimately striking up a​ conversation with another commuter the​ whole notion of​ commute is​ bundled in​ interactive components in​ cars and portable devices.

These gadgets are rendering family conversation obsolete in​ many family trips. Dad may be asking the​ on​ board computer to​ dial a​ phone number while mom may be listening to​ an​ audio stream. the​ children may be either tuned into their own personal mp3 players or​ watching either a​ DVD or​ a​ video stream on​ their portable devices.

It is​ possible to​ participate in​ a​ family trip with everyone having a​ completely unique memory of​ the​ experience,​ but rarely involving other family members.

Gone are the​ days when children fought over what space was theirs in​ the​ back seat. Parents no longer have to​ devise games to​ play along the​ route,​ nor do they have to​ pass along traveling songs because nobody is​ listening.

Family members may email each other much more often today because it​ is​ often easier than trying to​ remember important details for those times when schedules do coincide.

This change is​ worth noting in​ the​ way you​ as​ an​ online business seek to​ connect with your customers and potential consumers in​ ways that cater to​ an​ ever growing change in​ how the​ individual interacts with the​ world around them.

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