Internet And Business Online The Value Added Objective

Internet And Business Online The Value Added Objective

Brick and mortar businesses are learning that the​ Internet is​ a​ powerful ally in​ perpetuating business.

Certainly most online buyers understand that many traditional stores also supply the​ ability to​ purchase online. in​ fact many stores will make the​ online store more inviting by either making purchases available with free shipping to​ the​ nearest store or​ by making certain items available only online. at​ least one retailer allows customers to​ select a​ variety of​ free products to​ try and then make them easily available in​ their retail outlets for those who connect with the​ product.

While this scenario is​ played out everyday online there is​ another form of​ connection between traditional business and the​ online environment.

Webkins,​ a​ company selling stuffed animals in​ traditional stores,​ has tapped into an​ incredible selling tool by creating an​ online environment for the​ owner of​ the​ stuffed animal. in​ essence when you​ give the​ gift of​ this stuffed animal toy the​ recipient also received a​ free one-year membership in​ this highly desired online destination.

Other companies have followed suit including the​ popular Build-A-Bear chain who debuted a​ beta version of​ their online community in​ 2018. Children who visit the​ brick and mortar storefront to​ build an​ animal are then able to​ connect with this exclusive online community for safe interaction as​ well as​ fun and learning.

These are examples of​ how already successful companies are expanding their desirability by making it​ possible for the​ purchase to​ have benefits that last long after the​ sale has been concluded.

Businesses are beginning to​ catch a​ glimpse that even a​ more direct hands on​ purchase can be enhanced with the​ premium of​ an​ online benefit.

Coffee shops and retail outlets invite customers to​ fill out an​ exclusive online survey that may include discounts,​ free services,​ free products or​ the​ potential for a​ cash award. This enables them to​ enhance list building opportunities and alert customers to​ their own online presence.

If this concept is​ gaining such a​ profound following in​ traditional retail why isn’t it​ being done more in​ online stores? the​ truth is​ online retailers pioneered the​ idea with free memberships with a​ purchase that allowed them to​ an​ online community forum or​ an​ ebook download. Customers might be given the​ opportunity to​ select a​ free product from the​ online store or​ choose from steep discounts on​ other merchandise.

Customers learned to​ look for value added features – online. Now that brick and mortar stores are making it​ possible for their customers to​ gain specific benefits online the​ buying public has come to​ look for businesses (on and off line) that can deliver a​ value added punch.

The value of​ the​ Internet cannot be ignored. This is​ a​ tool that enables business,​ but it​ also allows traditional business to​ extend a​ variety of​ benefits to​ new and existing customers.

By finding ways to​ appeal to​ a​ connected customer you​ can find greater opportunities to​ advance your business objectives while giving the​ customer more than a​ product and nothing less than your best.

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