Internet And Business Online The Shifty Pride Factor

Internet And Business Online The Shifty Pride Factor

There are practical and even motivational reasons to​ market when you​ are seeking to​ establish a​ business online.

In this article let’s take a​ look at​ some of​ the​ motivational reasons.

First of​ all,​ let’s break down a​ very specific wall that is​ generally erected when someone who is​ not comfortable with marketing objects to​ the​ idea that they need to​ promote a​ business.

That wall is​ in​ many ways a​ reverse sense of​ pride. a​ wall is​ erected because they believe that if​ they show enthusiasm for what they are doing it​ will draw undue attention to​ themselves.

I can hear you​ asking yourself how being humble is​ a​ sign of​ pride.

The quick answer is​ that some people who do not want to​ market their business take ‘pride’ in​ the​ fact that they are humble. That may sound odd,​ but humility in​ this case can actually be a​ source of​ pride.

When you​ get married do you​ want others to​ know about it​ or​ do you​ self-consciously hide your ring finger? you​ let others know and you​ show the​ rock.

When a​ child is​ born into your family do you​ want to​ tell others about the​ birth or​ is​ it​ something to​ be quiet about? you​ tell others with happiness,​ photos and a​ diaper bag.

When you​ buy the​ car of​ your dreams do you​ hide it​ in​ the​ garage or​ do you​ want others to​ notice? Well,​ I suppose that depends on​ the​ person,​ but many are more than happy to​ pass along every detail of​ their new finely tuned road instrument to​ anyone with ears.

When you​ get tickets to​ your favorite sports events do you​ want your neighbor to​ know? Sure you​ do and you​ wave the​ foam number one hand while wearing a​ jersey when you​ pass along the​ good news over the​ backyard fence.

The truth is​ we love to​ tell other people about the​ things we are most proud of. Grandparents love to​ show pictures of​ their grandchildren,​ some moms love to​ share their recipes or​ crafting skills,​ some guys love to​ show off their garage and the​ tools found within.

Why should marketing a​ business online be any different? Aren’t you​ proud of​ your new business? Don’t you​ want others to​ know about the​ wonderful items you​ have for sale?

Of course you​ do,​ and that’s where marketing comes in.

Every few minutes while watching television we get to​ view marketing statements made by companies that believe in​ their business and are willing to​ spend thousands of​ dollars to​ share their excitement with you. Every time you​ open a​ newspaper you​ will find businesses that utilize advertising to​ market their business. They are proud of​ the​ hard work it​ took to​ get that business going and they know they’ve been able to​ help other people.

You’ve worked hard on​ your online business and you​ have every right to​ be proud of​ it. When you​ almost insist on​ keeping it​ hidden the​ perception by any potential customers who take the​ time to​ notice is​ that you​ do not really believe in​ your own business,​ which may be an​ unfair perception. Then again,​ perception often becomes reality.

Maybe it’s time to​ demonstrate your pride or​ enthusiasm for your company through online marketing.

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