Internet And Business Online Revert To Childhood

Internet And Business Online Revert To Childhood

Kids learn early about the​ need for marketing. Whether it’s cookie or​ candy sales,​ popcorn or​ knick-knacks or​ even holiday wrapping paper and cheese balls children learn what it​ takes to​ succeed.

Many of​ these school or​ youth organization fundraisers thrive on​ the​ sale of​ products to​ help fund certain activities,​ programs or​ a​ needed purchase.

These same fundraisers often reward the​ children for their efforts by offering increasingly spectacular prizes for those children who sell the​ most.

Armed with this knowledge,​ and a​ determined attitude to​ beat the​ snobbiest kids in​ school,​ children canvas neighborhoods and block incoming phone calls by contacting family members to​ see if​ they would be interested in​ purchasing German chocolate or​ a​ can of​ caramel popcorn.

Millions of​ magazines are sold this way every year. Many companies could not exist if​ it​ weren’t for the​ business they are able to​ do with charitable organizations in​ fundraising efforts.

Why is​ it​ so hard for adults to​ remember how they were able to​ make sales when they were growing up? For many it​ suddenly seems childish and inappropriate to​ contact friends and family when it​ comes to​ launching a​ new business. the​ contacts that we would have considered natural in​ childhood suddenly seem off limits as​ adults.

Why should they be off limits?

Shouldn’t friends and family members be the​ first on​ your enthusiasm solicitation list for what you​ are doing in​ business? Wouldn’t those same individuals be willing to​ be your cheerleaders in​ business? Don’t they have their own sphere of​ influence where they could further share your business information?

Internet and business online can only be enhanced by the​ same advice given in​ schools every year,​ “When it​ comes time to​ sell make sure to​ visit with family and friends first.”

There is​ a​ bonus to​ making this your first priority. By being intentional about contacting your friends and family you​ are likely to​ get the​ best possible feedback from those who care the​ most for you​ and your business idea. While you​ can receive negative feedback you​ can also receive some very positive words of​ affirmation and encouragement.

Your online business is​ important to​ you​ so sharing it​ with those who care about you​ most can be an​ important step in​ learning what type of​ responses you​ may receive from the​ general public.

Some family members and friends will be very supportive and want to​ sign up to​ be your first customer. Some family members will not understand and honestly state they feel you​ may be wasting your time. Others may be cautiously guarded in​ their enthusiasm. Most who know you​ best will be interested in​ how your business develops.

All of​ these responses are to​ be expected from the​ general public when you​ develop an​ online business.

I think there are times that it​ has become harder to​ earn the​ trust of​ consumers because they have seen so many brick and mortar and online businesses come and go they are a​ bit skeptical that any new startup will last.

Be patient and give customers every reason to​ trust you,​ When you​ make it​ through your first year expect the​ response to​ be more positive from family,​ friends and the​ buying public.

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