Internet And Business One Bite At A Time

Internet And Business One Bite At A Time

A family friend once asked me,​ “How do you​ eat an​ elephant?” When I didn’t know how to​ respond he said,​ “One bite at​ a​ time.”

This seems like either an​ obvious statement or​ an​ attempt a​ humor. For Internet marketing it​ is​ perfect advice.

There are multiplied millions of​ web pages available online and multiplied millions of​ web sites to​ consider.

How can a​ new website manage the​ marketing of​ a​ site that will exist in​ the​ midst of​ what may seem an​ infinite number of​ other more established websites?

One Bite at​ a​ Time

You won’t be able to​ accomplish all your marketing goals overnight,​ but if​ you​ systematically forge a​ path through a​ jungle of​ marketing roadblocks you​ may begin to​ observe others who are able to​ find the​ path you​ have forged and venture back to​ your online store.

Just like a​ jungle the​ undergrowth can become pretty thick so it​ takes ongoing effort to​ keep the​ path to​ your site open and unobstructed. This can mean tracking down broken backlinks as​ well as​ developing new marketing strategies.

As more traffic comes to​ your website the​ easier it​ becomes for others to​ find it. a​ path is​ worn to​ your site and motivated consumers share details on​ how to​ get to​ your site with others.

The process may seem painstakingly slow and you​ may wonder if​ there will ever be any positive outcome to​ all the​ time and labor you​ have invested in​ marketing your site,​ but there will come a​ time when you​ suddenly realize you​ do not have to​ work as​ hard at​ marketing to​ see new customers.

This doesn’t mean that you​ abandon marketing it​ simply means that you​ put away the​ machete of​ marketing and work at​ keeping the​ area trimmed and welcoming. you​ will never eliminate the​ need to​ market. in​ fact I would go so far as​ to​ say that you​ should make sure you​ engage in​ some form of​ marketing every day.

The elephant of​ marketing is​ an​ enormous beast and can’t be handled in​ one sitting. When you​ work toward the​ objectives of​ marketing try to​ look at​ the​ one aspect of​ marketing in​ front of​ you​ and learn that function fully before moving on​ to​ the​ next.

In some cases a​ marketing objective may be a​ stand-alone idea,​ but in​ other cases,​ like Search Engine Optimization (SEO),​ there are linkable strategies that must work together and you​ really need to​ have an​ understanding of​ how this functions to​ benefit your online business.

Try not to​ become too impatient. Imagine the​ marketing process a​ bit like putting a​ jigsaw puzzle together or​ building a​ house of​ cards. the​ process is​ tedious and requires concentration,​ but the​ end result provides the​ potential of​ a​ payoff that far exceeds the​ efforts you​ put into it.

The analogy of​ the​ elephant is​ simply a​ way of​ saying that marketing is​ something that is​ not to​ be taken lightly and cannot be done overnight. When you​ understand that marketing is​ a​ long distance race and not a​ sprint you​ will likely find not only greater success,​ but will also find you​ have an​ improved stamina as​ you​ keep the​ pace steady and relentless.

Internet And Business One Bite At A Time

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