Integrate Fun And Learning With Pc Games

Integrate Fun and Learning with PC Games
Children are always up for a​ good game .​
Well,​ who isn't? Pretend that you are back in​ school .​
For the​ rest of​ the​ class period you have two choices as​ to​ how you can spend your time .​
Option 1 is​ to​ struggle through endless arithmetic and English worksheets without any feedback except for a​ stamp that says Great Job! Option 2 is​ to​ work on​ the​ same arithmetic and English content,​ but on​ a​ computer .​
Yes,​ you can play a​ computer game to​ learn your numbers and verbs .​
Which option would you choose? Which option would children most likely choose? Option 2 of​ course!
Using computer software in​ education is​ not a​ new concept .​
Computer games have been used as​ a​ learning tool for the​ past two decades because they help students with basic skills,​ logic,​ problem solving,​ and various other academic skills .​
The Oregon Trail was a​ popular computer game in​ the​ 1980's .​
This game helped students to​ work on​ their planning and problem solving skills .​
If you have ever played that game you might have realized that it​ was difficult to​ complete the​ trail .​
Everyone in​ my wagon always died of​ Cholera.
Parents and educators that are unfamiliar with computer game technology may automatically dismiss the​ use of​ computer games for learning .​
They view computer games as​ nothing but shoot 'em up and mind numbing entertainment .​
As avid computer gamers we​ all know that they are way off base .​
Just think of​ all the​ problem solving,​ logic,​ and planning that goes into working on​ a​ team in​ a​ computer game,​ playing a​ puzzle,​ or​ figuring out a​ code.
There are computer games that are specifically based around educational learning standards .​
These games explicitly include counting,​ grammar,​ etc .​
They range from learning software that has a​ battery of​ tests to​ mimic standardized testing to​ fun,​ interactive learning games such as​ Caillou Magic Playhouse .​
This game allows a​ child to​ learn about numbers,​ patterns,​ spelling,​ phonics,​ and many other skills.
One advantage of​ using computer games in​ education is​ that the​ student is​ learning whether they realize it​ or​ not .​
Many children sigh when it​ is​ time to​ work on​ multiplication,​ but if​ you bring out a​ computer game - poof! They suddenly want to​ go through their multiplication tables .​
The computer game presents the​ same academic material,​ but makes it​ fun by integrating colorful animations and cool sounds .​
Plus,​ computer games allow for instant feedback and gratification .​
We have become a​ society that runs on​ instant gratification .​
a​ computer game can provide this feedback and it​ can also provide a​ means of​ competition .​
You will be stretched to​ find a​ student that wants to​ beat their worksheet,​ but a​ child who wants to​ beat a​ computer game? You will find them everywhere you look.
Computer games are advertised as​ forms of​ entertainment,​ which they most certainly are,​ but they are learning avenues as​ well .​
Gamers of​ all ages are learning every time they play a​ game .​
For example,​ there are games that work on​ your business skills .​
Games like Lemonade Tycoon and Mall Tycoon are prime examples .​
You are learning the​ skills to​ succeed in​ a​ business through simulation .​
Simulation is​ how many professionals acquire the​ skills for their occupation .​
Even though you are in​ a​ computerized environment,​ you can still come across many different business situations.
Computer software is​ here to​ stay .​
Email will one day override handwritten communication and perhaps games will take over traditional education .​
Granted games most likely will not take over traditional education,​ but they should become part of​ the​ educational experience .​
a​ child is​ learning while playing a​ computer game .​
Their memory and reaction time increases .​
They are sharpening various parts of​ their brain .​
The key is​ to​ play a​ mixture of​ games that range from pure entertainment to​ ones that are specifically designed for educational skill sets.
If your child or​ student is​ having trouble with math,​ English or​ any academic subject,​ set them up with a​ computer game .​
Their interest in​ learning will soar .​
Computer games can bring any student that is​ hesitant about school to​ learning whether they realize it​ or​ not .​
Computer games make learning fun.

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