Indonesia As The Next Important Market Of Internet Business

Indonesia,​ with its growth on​ internet user,​ from 2 million in​ 2000 to​ 20 million in​ 2018,​ has recently grow an​ enormous amount of​ internet learner. By looking on​ this opportunities,​ in​ 2018,​ public speaker from Singapore,​ Malaysia,​ experts in​ tourism internet marketer,​ has recently visit Surabaya,​ and tell how Internet,​ with its opportunities could change people lives in​ the​ future. With vast amount of​ internet learner,​ for sure Indonesia need additional internet teacher. Especially,​ Indonesia need a​ patient teacher,​ as​ those who participate in​ internet classes in​ Surabaya,​ is​ the​ baby boomer generation,​ who usually are working as​ a​ businessman but they couldn’t even make an​ email,​ or​ we could say they are freshman.
If a​ lot of​ internet teacher among the​ world could maximize this potential market,​ there are possibilities to​ be made for both parties. Indonesia could gain knowledge about internet,​ which in​ the​ long run could help their economic condition,​ and the​ internet teacher could gain fortune from this niche market. Who could know that Indonesia with its approximately 250 millions people could change the​ world economic condition,​ if​ they run their businesses using internet.

Henry Yuono

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