Improving Home Security With A Personal Computer

Improving Home Security With a​ Personal Computer
In the​ computer era today,​ personal computer is​ more than just a​ tool to​ accomplish office tasks or​ to​ play games .​
There is​ actually a​ close relationship between information technology and home security,​ since you can use your PC to​ help you protect your home .​
With computer,​ many security tasks can be done automatically.
In the​ past few years,​ the​ traditional way to​ record an​ access violation is​ to​ use video security equipment by connecting video cameras to​ a​ TV and VCR .​
The VCR will then record everything captured by the​ video cameras .​
As the​ price of​ a​ VCR is​ quite low today,​ you can use it​ for security purposes at​ a​ little cost .​
There are also magnetic media-based recording devices with a​ time-lapse recording feature .​
This is​ useful to​ extend the​ time in​ which the​ device can perform recording.
You can also perform the​ job by using your own PC easily .​
In this case,​ with the​ help of​ surveillance software,​ the​ computer can record any events digitally .​
It differs from VCR,​ you will be able to​ save captured videos in​ a​ digital format which is​ easier to​ archive and edit .​
Moreover,​ such system can also be set up to​ start recording when it​ detects any movement.
There are many other advantages of​ using a​ PC as​ a​ security system .​
Today's modern PCs are designed to​ be able to​ get connected to​ various devices .​
For instance you can connect spy cameras to​ your PC and perform covert surveillance .​
With a​ video capture card to​ convert analog to​ digital signals,​ this system can be set up very quickly .​
If you want you can even use the​ web camera that you usually use for chatting to​ perform remote monitoring and surveillance.
Using your PC as​ a​ surveillance system doesn't mean that you have to​ stay in​ front of​ a​ computer to​ get an​ immediate warning when there is​ something bad in​ your home to​ occur .​
Some types of​ webcam security software even provide SMS-alert facilities .​
This permits you to​ use your cellphone to​ get an​ instant warning if​ there is​ an​ access violation at​ your home.
Depending on​ the​ software you use,​ there are various types of​ security tasks that can be accomplished with the​ help of​ your PC .​
For example,​ you can make your PC sound an​ audible alarm whenever it​ detects a​ motion near the​ door or​ window of​ your house.
However,​ if​ you want to​ use your PC as​ a​ home security system you should spend enough time when selecting the​ software package .​
Although most brands of​ software provide similar features,​ there are some activities that can only performed by a​ particular brand .​
Some brands of​ software are more expensive than others,​ but they likely provide a​ higher degree of​ protection.
An affordable PC based security system like this is​ especially useful when you are not at​ home .​
For instance,​ when you are at​ work or​ are on​ a​ vacation .​
This system allows you to​ concentrate on​ your tasks or​ to​ enjoy your vacation away from home,​ because it​ will send you a​ notice instantly of​ something undesirable happen in​ or​ around your home.

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