Improve Your Marketing Results With These Simple Steps

Improve Your Marketing Results With These Simple Steps

Improve Your Marketing Results With These Simple Steps
What if​ there were things you​ could start doing now that could help you​ to​ market more successfully in​ the​ future? Even if​ you​ didn’t have your marketing act quite together over the​ past year? Well,​ there are .​

Review your past marketing results
Take some time to​ review all of​ your marketing activities and try to​ understand which ones worked best .​
And when I​ say worked best I​ mean,​ which ones resulted in​ more clients,​ more customers,​ more sales,​ or​ more growth for your business?
Your goal each year should be to​ understand which marketing activities bring you​ more business and which ones do not,​ so you​ can concentrate on​ the​ activities that work,​ and delete the​ ones that do not.

Even if​ you​ did not have an​ organized marketing plan,​ or​ marketing activities that you​ implemented consistently during the​ past year,​ if​ you​ are still in​ business today,​ then there must have been some form of​ marketing going on​ .​
Marketing isn’t only things like running an​ advertisement,​ or​ sending out a​ direct mail piece .​
(See is​ That Really Considered Marketing? below to​ better understand all the​ different forms that marketing can take .​
You may be surprised to​ realize you’ve been marketing more than you​ know!)
Direct vs .​
Indirect Tracking
Take a​ look at​ what you​ did do .​
Can you​ directly or​ indirectly track any new or​ increased business to​ these activities? An example of​ direct tracking might be: you​ attended a​ networking event and someone you​ gave your business card to,​ contacted you​ or​ made a​ purchase .​
An example of​ indirect tracking might be: you​ attended a​ networking event,​ and someone you​ gave your business card to,​ referred you​ to​ a​ friend,​ and that friend contacted you​ or​ made a​ purchase .​

For each marketing activity you​ did over the​ past year,​ ask yourself the​ following questions:

1 .​
Did I​ get any new clients,​ customers or​ increased sales as​ a​ direct result,​ or​ an​ indirect result,​ of​ this activity?

2 .​
If the​ answer is​ yes,​ quantify the​ result by asking yourself: How many new clients,​ customers or​ sales did it​ generate?
At the​ end of​ this exercise,​ you​ will have a​ list of​ all of​ your marketing activities,​ and the​ results connected to​ each one .​
Which activities brought you​ the​ most business? Are there any activities on​ your list that did not result in​ new or​ additional business?
Use what you​ learn to​ plan future marketing
Use this information as​ you​ begin to​ plan your marketing for next year .​
Plan to​ spend more time,​ energy and/or money on​ those activities that brought you​ business and sales .​
Delete those activities that did not .​

If you​ don’t have any way to​ track your sales or​ new clients,​ don’t worry .​
What does your gut tell you​ about where your new business came from? Additionally,​ see the​ Question of​ the​ Week for tips on​ uncovering marketing results even if​ you​ didn’t track very well .​
And if​ nothing else,​ be glad that you​ now know what you​ need to​ do next year to​ ensure your future marketing success .​
Is That Really Considered Marketing?
Any time you​ talk to​ someone about your business,​ product or​ service,​ in​ person,​ at​ an​ event,​ over the​ phone,​ or​ through a​ brochure or​ some form of​ media,​ you​ are marketing .​
Any time you​ send someone an​ email or​ a​ thank you​ card from your business,​ you​ are marketing .​
Be aware of​ any time you​ are communicating with current customers,​ or​ potential customers .​
Take the​ opportunity to​ make them aware of​ new products or​ services,​ special offers or​ programs,​ or​ even milestones or​ changes in​ your business .​

Do you​ include your business card every time you​ mail a​ letter to​ a​ client or​ prospect? Do you​ have an​ email signature that includes your business name,​ your phone number,​ your email address,​ your website address and possibly even your tagline? you​ should .​
You are reminding people about your products and services and making it​ easy for them to​ find out more if​ they so choose.

If you​ truly believe that your products or​ services can enhance people’s lives,​ then it​ should be easy to​ share the​ word at​ every opportunity .​
After all,​ if​ people don’t know about you,​ they can’t benefit .​
Put this way,​ it​ is​ almost a​ disservice to​ NOT market.
(C) 2018 Debbie LaChusa

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