If Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Do It With Free Weights Why Cant You

If Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Do it​ With Free Weights,​ Why Cant You?
Is it​ better to​ workout with weights? Well the​ answer is​ yes and no. to​ say that free weights are better than machines would be incredibly unjust. There are advantages in​ both lifting weights and using a​ machine with weights attached.
Well some of​ the​ advantages of​ training with adjustable weights is​ that they fit any size of​ user. You could be 7ft 2 or​ 4ft 9,​ it​ doesnt matter because the​ only thing that needs to​ be adjusted is​ the​ weight on​ the​ bar,​ almost hassle free.
Following on​ from the​ last point,​ the​ weight on​ the​ barbell can be adjusted in​ small increments,​ so when you are lifting you can train at​ your desired pace.
Free weight gives you the​ option of​ having multiple exercise options from just a​ bar and blocks of​ weight. the​ value you get for the​ money you spend and the​ end result make buying free weight for exercise an exceptional bargain.
Funnily enough,​ most of​ our everyday chores involve using free weight and we​ have probably never even thought about it. So naturally we​ are building and using muscles that we​ use on​ a​ daily basis,​ so it​ makes sense to​ lift weight on​ a​ bar. These daily exercise include lifting groceries,​ carrying books,​ cutting the​ lawn and lifting your children.
Another benefit of​ using free weight is​ the​ development of​ balance. However,​ machines help you with this part of​ the​ exercise and all you really need to​ do is​ lift and not worry about balance,​ or​ worrying about equally distributing the​ weight across your shoulders when doing a​ squat or​ unequal lift,​ due to​ uneven distribution of​ strength.
Ideally,​ machines are perfect to​ begin with because they allow you to​ develop the​ larger and more general muscles,​ whereas free weight concentrates both on​ the​ larger area of​ muscle as​ well as​ the​ muscles and tendants that support those general muscle groups. So if​ you have a​ machine already and have developed those larger muscle groups to​ an adequate standard,​ then moving on​ to​ free weight is​ only going to​ enhance your existing muscle and build extra muscle that you never knew existed.
The advantages are obvious and the​ savings can be substantial.

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