Ideas For Starting An Internet Business

Ideas For Starting An Internet Business

After the​ third of​ my four daughters left the​ nest,​ I realized I was being forced into retirement. So I decided to​ go on​ a​ job hunt. My career as​ a​ full-time mother was about over. I had received the​ equivalent of​ the​ gold watch. the​ only daughter left at​ home was well into high school. Circumstances and my daughters were telling me,​ “Time for a​ CHANGE.” I started with revving up my selling on​ eBay. After a​ few months I was at​ Powerseller status. By then I had run out of​ things to​ sell around my house. “Tim (my husband) won’t miss that lamp,​ will he?” One can get really caught up in​ selling on​ eBay.

I had to​ start to​ find other items to​ sell online. My English professors would be proud of​ the​ massive research I did to​ find products for my eBay site. I attacked searching for items to​ sell like I would have my ex-husband’s mistress. Countless hours were spent hunting down leads to​ wholesalers of​ lingerie,​ ladies clothing,​ and collectibles. My searching was successful and I spend a​ few years selling massive amounts of​ them. the​ secret is​ to​ keep your eyes open to​ new trends and the​ latest thing. Be flexible and ready to​ move with the​ market.

With eBay there is​ a​ large investment of​ time and money. There are listing fees,​ final value fees,​ gallery photos and other upgrades for your listings. Also,​ the​ shipping can be tiresome. I don’t mean to​ discourage anyone,​ just caution that it​ is​ a​ large investment of​ time to​ run an​ eBay site or​ “store.” EBay is​ a​ wonderful place to​ START your Internet presence. But don’t let it​ end there.

What one needs to​ have a​ solid Online Internet Business presence is​ multiple streams of​ income. the​ best way to​ do that is​ to​ sign up to​ be an​ affiliate for different companies. an​ affiliate is​ somewhat like a​ Sales Representative. you​ represent a​ company and introduce people to​ their products and services. in​ return you​ get a​ percentage of​ the​ sales. This can be a​ one time payment such as​ with the​ company SeizeCars,​ which is​ an​ auction site for government seized cars,​ boats and vessels. They have all makes and models for sale up to​ 95% off retail. Listings are guaranteed in​ every state.

Other companies have many levels of​ residual payments. For instance Success University,​ pays out commissions on​ a​ multilevel matrix. Success University offers a​ wonderful opportunity to​ LEARN the​ principles of​ success while being able to​ earn excellent profits. No one ever teaches us HOW to​ be wealthy or​ HOW to​ find success. a​ little secret here,​ it​ is​ in​ our attitude – if​ we think it​ and believe it,​ we WILL achieve it. Success University offers courses in​ Finances,​ Real Estate,​ Fitness,​ Self Improvement,​ Sales and many more aspects of​ a​ successful life.

Another excellent opportunity in​ affiliate marketing is​ a​ company called SFI,​ . Their products range from all natural cleaners for the​ home,​ health supplements,​ long distance phone service,​ broadband internet cell phone service,​ to​ merchant financial solutions. SFI’s compensation plan is​ very good. you​ get credit for every person who signs up after you​ in​ SFI. This means that you​ get a​ check monthly for as​ long as​ you​ are in​ the​ program. Within a​ month I had over 40,​000 people under me in​ all countries in​ the​ world. This is​ not to​ be confused with the​ commissions you​ get for your personally enrolled affiliates,​ it​ is​ an​ added bonus.

Do Not stop at​ one source of​ income for your online business. the​ Internet is​ YOUNG. Get in​ now and grow with it. Each of​ the​ sites I talked about offer many marketing strategies that can be used in​ all Internet businesses. Success University and SFI offer free websites,​ banners,​ forums,​ ezine articles,​ newsletters,​ and best of​ all step-by-step training in​ Online Internet Business,​ Home Based Business,​ and specifically their company.

Click on​ these sites to​ learn more about these affiliate programs. They offer magnificent opportunities to​ achieve…Achieve what? That is​ up to​ YOU.

Ideas For Starting An Internet Business

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