I Weight 500 Pounds

The risks of​ the​ surgery include bleeding,​ infections,​ and respiratory problems. Generally,​ the​ procedure requires a​ three- to​ four-day hospital stay. After you go home,​ you need to​ follow strict dietary instructions. For the​ first few weeks after surgery,​ it​ might be difficult to​ eat anything without feeling uncomfortably full,​ and your stomach will still be very tender. it​ will take six to​ eight weeks before you are able to​ digest complex carbohydrates and protein (such as​ chicken,​ pasta,​ and dairy products) without vomiting. it​ will be difficult for you to​ digest large amounts of​ fat,​ alcohol,​ or​ sugar. Most patients lose an​ average of​ 10 pounds per month,​ and reach a​ stable weight 18 months after surgery.

If you weigh 500 pounds or​ more,​ your doctor might recommend a​ low-protein diet or​ the​ mouth-wiring procedure for a​ few months so that you can lose some weight before a​ gastric bypass can be performed. While your mouth is​ wired shut,​ you will lose weight quickly because your food intake,​ provided in​ liquid form,​ is​ strictly regulated.

Weight loss before gastric bypass surgery might be necessary because the​ endoscopy equipment is​ not long enough to​ accommodate the​ girth of​ a​ patient weighing 500 or​ more pounds. in​ addition,​ most operating tables can hold up to​ 400 pounds. Other risks,​ such as​ reaction to​ anesthesia,​ are also increased in​ patients who weigh more than 500 pounds,​ so wiring your mouth shut to​ promote weight loss might be suggested. However,​ wiring your mouth shut is​ only a​ temporary solution,​ usually only suggested for a​ few months. Then,​ the​ gastric bypass procedure and reducing and monitoring food intake are needed for long-term success.

Before such drastic measures are performed,​ there are a​ few qualifying conditions to​ be considered eligible for either of​ these procedures. You must be at​ least 100 pounds over your recommended weight and have exhausted all efforts to​ lose weight by reducing food intake,​ changing your eating habits,​ planning your meals,​ and exercising.

Keep in​ mind that there are no miracle weight loss cures. Any type of​ weight loss or​ maintenance regimen requires a​ lifetime commitment to​ be successful.

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