I Lost Weight Once But It Came Back

It seems like most people can lose weight,​ but they seem to​ gain it​ back and sometimes gain more than they lost. I have done it​ a​ few times myself. Right now I have lost 9 pounds and I am wondering how am I going to​ keep those pounds from coming back. I still have 12 more pounds to​ lose,​ but it​ seems like these next few pounds are not coming off as​ easy.

Have I Discovered Something... Maybe I Have!

I am getting excited now,​ believe me this idea is​ developing as​ I write this article. I may have come up with a​ way to​ lose weight right before your eyes as​ I am constructing this article. we​ all know that losing weight lies in​ those few inches between our ears,​ the​ brain. Most diets we​ try help us lose some weight,​ but keeping it​ off is​ controlled by what our mind is​ telling us. if​ we​ allow our mind to​ tell us having ice cream each night before we​ go to​ sleep is​ ok,​ then we​ will have the​ ice cream.

Controlling That Mind...That's the​ Object!

I don't watch Oprah very often,​ but I do watch occasionally to​ see how she is​ doing with her weight. I just happened to​ check in​ last night and guess what,​ she has put a​ few pounds back on. She does this from time to​ time,​ but she always manages to​ drop the​ few pounds she gains. I think I know her secret. She exercises,​ and I know she stays away from certain foods,​ but I think the​ key to​ her success is​ the​ mind control. I remember when she began she kept the​ weight off for a​ long time,​ then she gained it​ back. the​ next time she lost the​ weight it​ stayed off except for a​ few pounds which she usually loses. I don't remember what her exact words were after she lost weight the​ second time,​ but I am sure it​ was something to​ do with the​ mind.

Ready Set Go!...Time to​ Put it​ All Together,​ Are You In?

Here we​ go. if​ the​ mind is​ keeping us from losing weight and keeping it​ off,​ we​ need to​ change the​ way we​ think. the​ mind is​ a​ powerful thing,​ it​ can be difficult to​ change our thoughts. For example,​ you have heard of​ people trying to​ stop smoking,​ but they just couldn't. Then they have a​ heart attack and receive a​ triple bypass,​ after the​ surgery they are able to​ stop. Their mind continued to​ tell them they wanted to​ smoke,​ but they realized if​ they didn't stop they could die after they had the​ heart attack. we​ don't want anything that drastic to​ happen to​ us to​ force us to​ lose weight,​ but there may be other ways. You see,​ we​ all want something to​ be easy. if​ our mind is​ asking us to​ eat now,​ we​ might be able to​ wait ten more minutes before we​ eat,​ that would be easy,​ but it​ would be much harder to​ wait 24 hours before we​ ate.

What we​ are going to​ do is​ fool our mind just a​ little. we​ are going to​ drop a​ few pounds maybe 5 or​ 10 pounds,​ that really shouldn't be that hard,​ the​ trick is,​ that will be all the​ weight we​ are going to​ lose. After losing 5 or​ 10 pounds we​ will just be keeping the​ weight off that we​ had previously lost. It's much harder to​ lose weight than to​ stay at​ our current weight. Will this work? I can't say,​ I just got this idea as​ I was writing this article,​ but what is​ the​ worst that could happen? Even if​ You didn't lose any more weight you would keep the​ 10 pounds off instead of​ gaining it​ back. You won't be as​ stressed out,​ always thinking about how much more weight you need to​ lose. I don't know about you,​ but I have talked myself into doing it. as​ of​ today I have lost all the​ weight I need to​ lose,​ from now own I will just concentrate on​ not giving back any of​ the​ weight I lost and if​ I lose more Great!

Good Luck!

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