How Webcasts Can Improve Your Marketing Reach And Reduce Your Costs

The globalised internet economy has effectively reduced barriers to​ markets in​ all parts of​ the​ world. it​ is​ now possible to​ converse with partners,​ suppliers and customers seven days a​ week,​ 24 hours a​ day with practically no time and distance barriers.

As a​ result conventional methods are no longer sufficient to​ reach potential customers. Companies must adapt their marketing methods to​ include communication tools,​ such as​ VOIP,​ opened up by the​ Internet.

One very powerfull method of​ reaching customers and prospects is​ organising regular Web Events in​ the​ form of​ live online presentations and seminars,​ also called Webcasts or​ Webinars.

With the​ technologies that are now available on​ the​ Internet,​ you​ are now able to​ present content in​ a​ compelling way by using audio,​ video,​ animation and graphics. This cannot be matched in​ any way by printed materials or​ a​ phone call.

The advantages are obvious. in​ comparison to​ Trade Shows,​ locally held Training Workshops and Seminars,​ a​ Webcast is​ set up in​ a​ shorter time span,​ with much less reliance on​ resources and manpower,​ resulting in​ a​ improved cost effectiveness.

By repeating the​ Webcast at​ various dates and times you​ also allow your prospects and customers to​ choose a​ presentation which can better fit their schedules. it​ will also allow you​ to​ reach more potential customers.

A positive side effect,​ is​ the​ use of​ audio and video recordings to​ enable you​ to​ reach other prospects once the​ Webcast has been held. By posting the​ recording on​ your website,​ you​ can further profit from the​ Webcast. For example,​ you​ can use it​ as​ an​ on-demand product to​ build an​ opt-in list,​ improve your customer service or​ even to​ generate an​ additional profit stream.

Now consider the​ choice you​ offer your customers and propects. By just comparing having to​ travel to​ an​ event location and waste precious time in​ traveling,​ as​ opposed to​ attending a​ Webcast at​ your own PC,​ at​ a​ time they can choose,​ the​ latter choice wins everytime.

This means you​ are able to​ reach a​ targeted audience and interact with a​ maximum number of​ people regardless of​ time zone,​ location or​ other restrictions you​ would have,​ by traveling or​ meeting the​ person face to​ face. you​ are able to​ do this at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ cost that a​ normal event would incur.

At Conferentia,​ we use our VOIP Conference System to​ host regular Webcasts to​ show our prospects just how they can use Conferentia to​ do the​ same with their own products and services.

We have found that once the​ Webcast concept is​ set up,​ with a​ little practice,​ people easily slip into the​ role of​ moderator and presenter. Someone who is​ used to​ doing live presentations has no problem with the​ change to​ using Conferentia.

You can practically take your PowerPoint presentation,​ generate HTML-files out of​ it. Put it​ online and you​ can use it​ in​ your Conferentia VOIP conference room within minutes. you​ send an​ e-mail to​ customers and prospects and can have them attending your Webcast within the​ first 24 hours. it​ is​ easier then you​ think.

I recommend you​ visit one of​ our Webcasts and see for yourself. you​ will be surprised at​ the​ ease of​ use and I am convinced you​ will be planning your first Webevent within minutes of​ being online with us.

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