How To Win At Multiplayer First Shooter Games

How To Win At Multiplayer First Shooter Games

The way most first player shooters score kills is​ simple to​ understand the​ harder it​ is​ to​ make the​ kill the​ more points you get. This means that if​ you kill someone with a​ knife you will get more points then someone using a​ chain gun,​ but running around with just your knife out is​ a​ big gamble unless you are extremely skilled at​ the​ game. This method of​ play will usually just make you the​ biggest loser.

One way to​ get a​ good score is​ to​ take a​ long range weapon like a​ sniper rifle and camp out near the​ enemy camps spawn point. By doing this every time someone on​ the​ opposing team gets killed they will instantly revert back to​ the​ spawn point and you can shoot them,​ then they will disappear and then reappear and you can shoot them again.

You get fewer points like this,​ but it​ is​ the​ same principal as​ playing roulette in​ the​ casinos,​ it​ is​ easier to​ get many smaller wins,​ rather then one big win.

When using this method try to​ pick your location using your head and do not just take a​ gamble on​ your sniping spot. You will want to​ have the​ advantage of​ height,​ but sometimes if​ you can get a​ good shot and be in​ a​ lower location it​ may be the​ last place someone looks for you. Many of​ the​ newer first player games allow the​ sun to​ be used as​ it​ would in​ real life. So going up a​ hill and having the​ sun at​ your back will give you a​ natural advantage in​ the​ game,​ and allow you to​ snipe from the​ same spot for a​ longer time before someone finds and kills you.

Another way to​ get a​ higher score is​ to​ work as​ a​ team with other players. Most people playing a​ First Player Shooter are playing alone with the​ goal of​ running around and killing everything that moves,​ but if​ you and some friends are playing you can use each other as​ in​ real combat. Now that you have other people watching your back as​ a​ unit you can be a​ more effective killer in​ the​ game,​ an​ example of​ this is​ that in​ some of​ the​ delta force games you can take a​ helicopter and if​ your friend is​ flying it​ you and another friend can man the​ chain guns and you can cover a​ bigger area,​ and deciding on​ a​ plan before starting the​ game you can develop a​ good strategy as​ a​ professional gambler or​ Online Poker player would allowing you to​ focus on​ 1 thing instead of​ many different aspects of​ the​ game.

Many times I would jump into the​ pilots chair and other players would jump in​ and I would circle the​ enemy camp but the​ players in​ the​ back of​ my chopper would not attack instead they would jump out or​ just wait for me to​ land instead of​ helping me attack from the​ air. So instead of​ increasing our chances of​ winning by working together they just wanted to​ be a​ team of​ 1. This will decrease the​ chances of​ our team winning the​ game,​ just like a​ player at​ a​ blackjack table can make all the​ other players lose by making bad decisions when it​ is​ that players turn.
Formulating a​ good strategy,​ playing as​ a​ team and using all available tools at​ your disposal you can not only win more games and get more points,​ you will also have a​ better online gaming experience,​ and this applies to​ playing first person shooter games and gambling in​ online casinos.

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