How To Use Your Web Site To Make Money

How To Use Your Web Site To Make Money

If you​ consider your web site a​ money pit,​ you​ are not alone. Quite a​ few business owners have told me that they have web sites because "everyone else has a​ web site",​ but they haven't gotten any business from their web site. None. Zero. Nada. Zip. Many of​ them have paid thousands of​ dollars to​ web designers to​ create the​ web sites for them,​ and than the​ web sites just sit there,​ gathering the​ proverbial Internet dust,​ and getting enormous traffic consisting of​ three to​ five unique visitors a​ month.

Your web site should not be languishing in​ one of​ the​ rarely visited corners of​ the​ Net. Instead,​ it​ should be working 24 hours,​ 7 days a​ week,​ 365 days a​ year getting leads and clients for your business. it​ should serve as​ marketing brochure and as​ your best salesperson (who incidentally never sleeps,​ and doesn't require either salary or​ commissions).

So how do you​ turn your dust collector into a​ lean,​ mean sales machine? First,​ you​ need to​ lay down the​ infrastructure for your online business. Here are three guidelines your web site should adhere to​ before its initial debut:

- Your web site must be easy to​ navigate,​ understand and use. When a​ web surfer comes to​ a​ web site and doesn't understand what the​ web site is​ about in​ the​ first few minutes,​ the​ surfer moves on​ to​ the​ next web site (trust me,​ there lots of​ them out there. Approximately 2.7 billion at​ last count,​ give or​ take a​ few billion).

If the​ purpose and intent of​ your web site is​ not blatantly obvious,​ a​ surfer will move on. if​ your web site is​ difficult to​ navigate,​ a​ surfer will move on. if​ your web site is​ hard to​ use (for example,​ it​ is​ not obvious how to​ contact you​ or​ hire you) a​ surfer will move on.

- Your web site must discuss what you​ do AND how what you​ do will benefit your customers. Let's say Sue and Jane are both weight loss coaches. Sue's web site says that Sue is​ a​ weight loss coach. Jane's web site says that Jane is​ a​ weight loss coach who helps women look and feel better by losing 30 pounds in​ 3 months.

Which coach sounds more appealing? the​ one who not only states what she does,​ but also shows what is​ in​ it​ for the​ customer. the​ site must answer a​ fundamental question: Why should I hire you?

- Have a​ newsletter sign up box on​ your web site. the​ majority of​ your web site visitors will not contact you​ about your services after visiting your web site,​ but they will subscribe for a​ free newsletter. By subscribing,​ they give you​ permission to​ send them your information-packed newsletter,​ which will also serve as​ a​ reminder about your business.

Without a​ newsletter,​ many people will visit your web site once and promptly forget about it​ 10 minutes after leaving it. By having a​ newsletter,​ you​ are able to​ capture these visitors,​ and tell them about your business again and again.

Take action today! Take a​ critical look at​ your web site and make sure that it​ conforms to​ the​ guidelines outlined above. a​ website that follows these forms a​ solid foundation for having a​ marketable web site for your business.

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