How To Use Magnetic Marketing To Massively Multiply The Results Of Your Advertising

How To Use Magnetic Marketing To Massively Multiply The Results Of Your

It works without fail,​ every time. it​ can work with everything you​ are selling or​ promoting. it​ works on​ the​ principle of​ giving before receiving,​ and of​ offering more in​ value than you​ are getting in​ cash. Your prospect must perceive an​ increase for themselves in​ order to​ want to​ interact with you. Magnetic marketing is​ the​ technique that does this. Then this same technique is​ used to​ convert a​ prospect to​ a​ sale or​ business partner.

What is​ magnetic marketing? it​ is​ a​ process of​ attracting leads to​ you​ by offering them something of​ value first. Using ezine classified advertising and solo ads for an​ example,​ don’t try to​ close the​ deal all at​ once by attempting to​ drive your prospect to​ your website. Instead,​ start by giving the​ targeted prospect an​ offer they can’t refuse.

Using my own business ad copy as​ an​ example,​ here is​ an​ ad I ran before I had put the​ magnetic marketing technique together for this business that is​ an​ example of​ NON magnetic marketing:

Catch the​ Buzz - Discover Revolutionary Health and Wealth!
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Admittedly,​ the​ ad copy is​ not my best,​ written off the​ cuff right when I had started with this new company. However this kind of​ advertising can and does work,​ don’t get me wrong! the​ thing is,​ it​ is​ only a​ trickle of​ results compared to​ the​ massive results you​ can get by incorporating magnetic marketing into your business model.

The main problem with this and so many other ads is: they all really want the​ prospect to​ get excited and ‘click here’ without offering anything in​ return to​ really motivate them.

For about $50 my ad ran and is​ right now still running to​ about 6 million ezine subscribers – with an​ audience that is​ mostly small business and internet related. I got and am still getting that trickle of​ results.

Now how about transforming it​ into a​ magnetic marketing campaign?

Take that same $50 and micro-target your audience. Since my company pays quite well with retail sales I could find health-related ezines. Then you​ can either purchase classified ads or​ solos. Even with a​ small subscriber base of​ two or​ three thousand,​ you​ will get a​ lot of​ leads and sales. Your new magnetic marketing will now have ad copy reading something more like this:

Did you​ know Free Radicals Accelerate Aging and Cause Cancer?
Discover everything you​ NEED to​ know about the​ massive damage
they cause,​ & the​ most essential antioxidants needed to​ fight them.
Learn little known secrets of​ health,​ anti-aging and disease
prevention in​ this free e-course:

(If you​ like,​ you​ can subscribe,​ the​ email address and series are real).

What makes this ad now magnetic is​ that instead of​ trying to​ ‘make the​ sale’ of​ even driving your prospect to​ your website right away,​ your prospect now has the​ drive to​ contact you. in​ doing this,​ they become your lead.

They want to​ receive valuable information on​ a​ topic that interests them. They are plugged into your autoresponder and at​ the​ bottom of​ each valuable article in​ the​ series you​ send them,​ you​ drive them to​ your website. They now see you​ as​ a​ valuable provider of​ information and are more inclined to​ visit your website and do business with you.

Magnetic marketing works in​ any type of​ business or​ niche category. Give it​ a​ try. Put together some relevant content and make a​ valuable series for your prospects to​ subscribe to. Your business provides the​ solution to​ someone’s problem. Create a​ series of​ informative articles,​ reports,​ or​ ebooks that provides in​ depth information on​ the​ problem and solution.

Create an​ ad that addresses that problem,​ and propels the​ prospect to​ obtain the​ vital information you​ will give them for free that is​ the​ solution to​ their problem. Apply this to​ your marketing campaigns - by offering something of​ value to​ your prospects your magnetic marketing will massively multiply your advertising responses,​ leads and sales.

How To Use Magnetic Marketing To Massively Multiply The Results Of Your

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