How To Use Internet Videos To Drive Revenue And Add Profits To Your Business

How To Use Internet Videos To Drive Revenue And Add Profits To Your

Over the​ past year,​ the​ practice of​ uploading and sharing of​ videos on​ the​ Internet has become extremely popular.

Advance in​ technology,​ increases in​ storage space and computing power,​ coupled with faster access speeds through broadband have all contributed to​ the​ rise of​ Internet video.

The viral nature of​ sharing popular videos by e-mailing links to​ them has further fuelled the​ growth in​ Internet video. According to​ a​ comScore Media Metrix report the​ popular Video hosting service you​ Tube along streamed 100 million videos per day in​ the​ month of​ July 2018. That is​ phenomenal growth.

So is​ there any way that any ‘normal’ business with a​ website can take advantage of​ this to​ grow their customer base,​ increase frequency of​ purchase,​ grow loyalty and basically add to​ the​ bottom line?

There are some very big benefits of​ using video as​ part of​ the​ marketing,​ communication and advertising strategy of​ your business. Some of​ the​ benefits are obvious,​ but there are a​ few benefits that can deliver the​ biggest impact for your business,​ but are not known or​ understood by many.

Let’s press on​ and explain the​ benefits.

First,​ the​ obvious benefits.

Video commands attention,​ as​ it​ affects both our visual and aural senses. Have you​ ever walked into a​ room where a​ TV is​ playing? if​ you​ are like most people your attention is​ immediately drawn to​ what is​ playing on​ the​ screen. Video will attract the​ attention of​ your customers,​ particularly if​ you​ can showcase your product or​ service and communicate your value proposition in​ a​ clear and simple manner.

Video also provides a​ quick and effective communication channel. if​ a​ picture is​ worth a​ thousand words,​ a​ video is​ worth a​ million words. Rather than reading through reams of​ documentation or​ a​ 30 page sales letter,​ one can communicate the​ essence of​ the​ offering succinctly and clearly. Your customers who are just as​ time poor,​ with limited attention span,​ will thank you​ for it.

Internet video can also provide a​ personal touch. Think about it. Unless your customers know you​ personally,​ you​ are just a​ name behind a​ web site. it​ requires a​ lot of​ trust for people to​ buy from an​ unknown person. This can hurt conversions. on​ the​ other hand,​ with video if​ you​ are the​ owner or​ employee in​ the​ business and are on​ the​ screen,​ your customers can begin to​ relate to​ you.

Think about it. as​ the​ saying goes “people don’t buy from businesses or​ website; they buy from people”. Internet video is​ a​ great way to​ have a​ one to​ one,​ person to​ person connection.

This can also lead to​ better conversion rates for you. Because after they have watched the​ video,​ if​ they click on​ a​ link to​ visit your web site,​ they are a​ more qualified,​ ‘hot’ prospect.

Internet video can also help you​ stand out against your competitors online. it​ provides you​ with differentiation. you​ do not need your video to​ be slick and professional. in​ fact,​ with the​ popularity of​ ‘reality television’,​ it​ is​ probably better if​ your video looks more natural and real.

Instead of​ looking like every other web site out there,​ you​ can stand out by employing video to​ brand your business and communicate what you​ stand for,​ more effectively.

Now for that hidden benefit,​ that provides the​ biggest impact.

If you​ have a​ web site,​ you​ probably realize how hard it​ is​ to​ rank well in​ the​ search engines for the​ competitive key word terms in​ your industry. on​ the​ Internet,​ key words are very important,​ as​ most users type in​ keywords into the​ search engines to​ find the​ product,​ service,​ brands or​ businesses they are looking for.

One of​ the​ big benefits of​ using video currently is​ that if​ you​ use Internet video and then use the​ correct keywords,​ describe your video using keywords and then upload them to​ multiple free video hosting services,​ this could in​ many instances help boost your rankings in​ the​ search engines.

There is​ a​ case study of​ a​ business that was able to​ obtain a​ first page ranking for a​ very competitive keyword in​ under 48 hours,​ by using Internet video. you​ can find the​ details of​ this case study in​ a​ free video at​

Check out the​ free video case study there and the​ resources that can help you​ get started with Internet video advertising quickly and easily today.

How To Use Internet Videos To Drive Revenue And Add Profits To Your

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