How To Turn Your Computer Into A Virtual Casino

How To Turn Your Computer Into a​ Virtual Casino
It's astonishing to​ me at​ how quickly the​ world has changed.
When I​ was growing up -- and it​ wasn't that long ago -- if​ I​ wanted to​ have any sort of​ gambling excitement,​ I'd have to​ go and take a​ trip to​ either Las Vegas or​ Atlantic City .​
(Okay,​ there was also a​ weekly poker game in​ my Uncle Frank's basement but I​ didn't like to​ go there because he always cheated.)
Now,​ part of​ what I​ loved about going to​ an​ actual casino was that they had the​ one game there that I​ actually did fairly well at​ -- roulette.
Unfortunately,​ there just weren't many places where I​ could actually play roulette .​
It's one thing to​ invite some friends over for a​ friendly game of​ poker but it's something else to​ pick up the​ phone and go,​ Hey,​ guys,​ how about coming over and playing roulette at​ my place?
You'd be surprised at​ how many people don't really want to​ take you up on​ an​ offer like that.
Now,​ don't get me wrong -- I​ love poker and blackjack and even playing the​ slot machines .​
But for me,​ roulette was always something that I​ managed to​ do a​ decent job at​ winning .​
Granted,​ I​ didn't win big -- but I​ sure did better than when I​ sat down to​ play poker .​
(I'm not going to​ mention the​ time that I​ lost my Fiat Spyder to​ a​ full house.)
One day,​ I​ was mentioning this situation to​ a​ buddy of​ mine and he said,​
Why don’t you try playing online roulette?
Now,​ I'm not exactly the​ most computer literate guy in​ the​ world -- and the​ thought of​ actually playing an​ online roulette game seemed a​ little weird to​ me .​
For one thing,​ I​ was afraid that I'd wind up with a​ crooked casino or​ something and the​ next thing I'd know,​ there'd be a​ couple of​ guys at​ the​ front door who wanted to​ repossess my house.
It's not like that,​ he said .​
There are places that are totally legit -- and where you can actually make some pretty good money.
And that's when he told me about a​ site that explained all about online roulette and which also provided an​ eBook at​ no charge to​ the​ people who visited the​ webpage .​
Naturally,​ that set off alarms in​ my head .​
I'm one of​ those guys who has learned that there's no such thing as​ a​ free lunch -- and some of​ the​ things out there that are free have cost me more than I'd like to​ recall.
But there's something that I​ learned a​ long time ago from my father .​
Whenever an​ opportunity would come along,​ he'd always check it​ out .​
He might not have bought into it​ but he always went to​ see what it​ was about .​
I​ asked him why he would do that and he said,​ I'd hate to​ think that I'd let the​ chance of​ a​ lifetime slip by just because I​ was too lazy to​ look into it.
So I​ went to​ the​ website and to​ my surprise,​ it​ was on​ the​ level .​
I​ checked it​ out and there was information that was useful to​ the​ beginning player (as well as​ the​ advanced player) and I​ didn't even get the​ slightest whiff of​ something being amiss.
But does anyone really play those online roulette games?
The answer is​ a​ resounding YES! In doing my research,​ I​ found out that some of​ the​ online sites have a​ steady stream of​ customers -- and some of​ them are constantly paying out to​ players in​ the​ know.
In fact,​ the​ website that I​ went to​ had an​ offer for an​ eBook -- and they didn't want anyone to​ pay until they had tried the​ book out .​
Right there,​ I​ tried to​ figure out what the​ catch was -- and I​ found out there wasn't a​ catch .​
It was one of​ those places that was just convinced that they had a​ useful product and that people would pay money once they saw that it​ worked.
The site I'm talking about is​
So,​ after checking out some of​ the​ websites and after looking through the​ book,​ I​ decided that I'd go ahead and give it​ a​ whirl -- and to​ my amazement,​ I​ actually started to​ make money .​
At first,​ it​ was only a​ little bit but before I​ knew it,​ I​ was actually making some real money.
The amazing thing is​ that when I​ showed my friends the​ system and they tried it,​ they discovered that I​ wasn't exaggerating about the​ amount of​ money that they could make .​
In fact,​ one of​ my buddies from the​ auto repair shop has earned enough money from online roulette to​ actually pay off his house.
Is everyone going to​ make that kind of​ money? Probably not -- but one thing that I've learned is​ that by playing sensibly and by using some of​ the​ systems that are available online,​ just about anyone can walk away from the​ table a​ winner.
I don't know about you but I​ sure like those odds.

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