How To Take One Small Step Onto A New Revolution And Turn Your Website Into A Money Maker

How To Take One Small Step Onto A New Revolution And Turn Your Website
Into A Money Maker

For a​ while now,​ maybe you’ve been watching the​ digital revolution pass you​ by. you​ hear stories about regular people stumbling upon some idea,​ putting up a​ website,​ and making a​ mint. Then maybe you​ think,​ “I wish that was me!” or​ maybe you​ already have a​ great website,​ but it​ doesn’t have an​ angle into making real money.


Here’s a​ little story. Three guys put together a​ small web site in​ early 2018 to​ upload,​ share,​ and stream all kinds of​ video. it​ caught on​ like wildfire. Less than two years later,​ it​ had become one of​ the​ Web’s #1 sites. in​ late 2018,​ Google bought it​ for $1.65 billion! Yes,​ that’s with a​ capital ‘B.’ Perhaps you’ve heard of​ YouTube?

We’re not saying your website will the​ be next YouTube,​ but we are saying that planet Earth is​ in​ the​ midst of​ a​ digital revolution,​ a​ revolution that will alter the​ course of​ human history as​ completely as​ the​ Industrial Age,​ Gutenberg’s printing press,​ and the​ Renaissance,​ all rolled into one.


MP3 players,​ Blackberry,​ Bluetooth,​ mobile phones,​ iPods,​ iTunes,​ digital music,​ digital everything,​ digital everywhere. Everything is​ becoming downloadable. Media companies across the​ globe are struggling to​ keep pace with a​ lightning-fast changes taking place in​ all of​ our media. Those who find their niche,​ take that opportunity – and seize it​ first – they make the​ money,​ because they’re the​ pioneers. Everyone after them is​ doomed to​ being an​ ‘also-ran,​’ struggling to​ catch up,​ and never quite making it. Which would you​ rather be?

What would you​ give to​ be a​ pioneer in​ a​ brand new niche? What if​ you​ could be among the​ first to​ launch a​ new trend in​ Internet marketing? What if​ your website could be a​ part of​ this revolution,​ and earn real money?

What would you​ say if​ we told you​ that you​ could do this at​ NO COST to​ YOU?


We’re a​ society that’s always waiting for something. Waiting for the​ train,​ waiting in​ traffic,​ waiting in​ line. as​ much as​ one-third of​ every person’s life is​ spent waiting. People don’t want to​ think about how,​ when they reach retirement age,​ they might have spent 20-25 years of​ their lives just … waiting. And people,​ on​ some level,​ realize this,​ and wish it​ was different.

How many books could you​ have read in​ 25 years? Classics of​ literature that you​ always wanted to​ read but never found the​ time,​ the​ latest in​ current affairs or​ business strategies,​ or​ popular novels to​ enjoy in​ your leisure time.

What if​ you​ could download any book you​ wanted,​ any time,​ load it​ into your iPod or​ other MP3 player,​ or​ just play it​ on​ your computer at​ home? Listen in​ the​ car,​ on​ the​ bus,​ in​ the​ coffee shop. Digital music is​ revolutionizing the​ music industry.

And DIGITAL AUDIO BOOKS stand ready to​ revolutionize the​ audio book industry as​ well.

All the​ hottest titles,​ fiction and non-fiction,​ all the​ classics,​ all the​ finest authors – can be at​ your fingertips,​ with one easy download that you​ can carry anywhere!

Sound good? We think so. And,​ with the​ internet finding its way into the​ most remote corners of​ the​ world,​ so do billions of​ potential listeners,​ across the​ globe. That’s with a​ ‘b.’

Here’s a​ future scenario.

A small but significant percentage of​ those billions of​ internet consumers,​ with a​ ‘b,​’ browse your website,​ enjoy your content,​ then notice that you​ have AUDIO BOOKS for sale in​ EASILY DOWNLOADABLE form. Then they might,​ “Wow,​ I’ve been wanting to​ read that one,​ but I just haven’t had time.” They click,​ they download,​ and you​ get a​ commission!


You can be a​ part of​ the​ DIGITAL AUDIO BOOK revolution,​ and it​ won’t cost you​ a​ dime. All you​ have to​ do is​ join our Affiliate Marketing Program!

How does this help you?

• It’s a​ guaranteed way to​ make your website earn you​ money!

• Products that are 100% relevant to​ your customers.

• Simon & Shuster,​ BBC,​ Time-Warner,​ Harper-Collins. World-class names,​ high-quality brands that will lend their prestige to​ YOUR website!

• a​ 10% commission on​ every single sale!

• Higher volumes of​ relevant,​ quality traffic going to​ and from your web site. Search engines love this!

Sound good so far? We think so. But we can offer an​ even sweeter deal!

Here’s how:

• Groundbreaking,​ leading edge service available to​ quality website owners like you.

• Hassle-free setup and maintenance. you​ don’t need to​ be a​ web programmer or​ HTML guru to​ set this up. We do that for you!

• All payment processing is​ handled at​ download time. you​ don’t need to​ set anything up; just take home the​ cash!

• Truly hands-free operation. you​ don’t have to​ worry about handling any Technical Support for your audio book buyers. We take of​ that for you!

• a​ Self-Service Affiliate Administration Page,​ where you​ can access links and sales reports,​ any time you​ want!


This is​ so good,​ we’ll say it​ again. For every audio book that is​ sold through your website,​ you​ will earn a​ 10% commission! This beats Amazon affiliate program and most other niche marketers by 5%. How many audio books do you​ have to​ sell to​ get a​ spectacular return on​ your investment? Just ONE! Because joining our program costs you​ nothing!

So there you​ have it. the​ days of​ your web site earning money for you,​ with no extra cost or​ effort from you,​ are just a​ mouse-click away.

All you​ have to​ do to​ sign up is​ click the​ link and follow the​ instructions. What do you​ have to​ lose? Except a​ perfect opportunity.

How To Take One Small Step Onto A New Revolution And Turn Your Website
Into A Money Maker

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